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Where are the Missing Models?
Editorial August 2004

The construction model market is well served in a number of areas.  Excavators and other earthmoving machines are represented in every shape and size.  There is a good selection of crane models, and haulage models are plentiful from tipper trucks to heavy haulage.  But there are some machines which are hardly represented or not represented at all in model form. So where are the missing models? Here are some to be going on with.

Road Rail

Excavators and other equipment modified for use on railways are a significant plant sector and yet the diecast model sector is not represented with these machines.  However this is due to change in the near future with the news that Liebherr have commissioned a model of the A900 ZW road rail excavator.

Tower Cranes in 1:50 scale

 A number of tower cranes in 1:87 scale have been brought out, and there are 1:50 scale models of smaller folding tower cranes.  However what is needed is a 1:50 scale model of a large tower crane that is made up from parts like the real thing so that it can be posed during erection with a 1:50 mobile crane model, or loaded on the appropriate flatbed trucks.  Yes it would be a large model but recent models (such as the AC500-1 luffing jib and the CC8800) have shown that large accurate lattice jib fabrications are possible. 

Aerial Platforms

The smaller self propelled work platforms are represented in the model sector, but where are the very large truck mounted aerial platform models?

Foundation Equipment

Another under-represented sector with very few models produced in any numbers.  Perhaps this will change with the appearance of the new Bauer model from Brami which should appear later in 2004.

Of course models only appear when they are commissioned by manufacturers, and so collectors are reliant on the management of these companies making a business decision which leads to some of these missing models being made.  With the increasing popularity of construction models and the greater number of model manufacturers from China the outlook is good for wider ranges of models to appear.  Come to think of it, when will that fully radio controlled 1:50 scale mobile crane with working hydraulics appear?

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