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Welcome to the Cranes Etc website!

Cranes Etc is dedicated to providing reviews of scale models of construction and related equipment to help collectors decide what models to buy.  Most models are in 1:50 scale, but some are in 1:87 or other sizes.  Even if you do not want to read the review, the photographs might help you and large versions are normally available just by clicking on the photo in the review.  Each model is also given a score so you can see how it compares with others.  The score is made up of the following parts:

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 
Detail   (max 30) 
Features   (max 20) 
Quality   (max 25) 
Price   (max 15) 
Overall   (max 100) 

Each model or accessory is also given an overall rating:


If you are looking for a shop where you can buy a model then use the Cranes Etc Shopping Mall to find a collection of internet shops that you can visit.  There are other interesting things on the website which you can find by exploring!  I hope you enjoy visiting the site and it is useful to you. 

If you have any comments, then please send an e-mail.