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Model Scales

Scale models are intended to be true representations of the real model.  To achieve this dimensions on the real machine are reduced to a smaller size, and if all dimensions are reduced in the same ratio, the model will be proportioned correctly.

The proportion by which a model is reduced is called the scale.  As an example, this means that a model which is 1:50 scale has dimensions which are one fiftieth of full size.  So a dimension of 50cm on the real machine will be 1cm on the model.  This means that a scale of 1:87 is a smaller model than 1:50 because its dimensions have been reduced by more.

Some of the scales usually found are as follows:

1:16  -  A very large scale rarely used for construction models.  An example is the Caterpillar Twenty.

1:24  -  A rarely used scale.  Classic Construction Models (CCM) produced the Caterpillar D7E in this scale.

1:25  -  A large scale sometimes used for models of smaller earthmoving machines and material  handlers such as fork lifts.

1:32  -  A large scale which is often used for powered access equipment and smaller earthmoving models.  An example is the Kramer Allrad 3307.

1:35  -  A large scale also used for access and earthmoving models.

1:48  -  This is 'O' gauge for railway layouts in some countries.  Few models are made in this scale, but one is the Bucyrus Steam Shovel.  Classic Construction Models usually produce models in this scale.

1:50  -  The standard scale for construction, mining and haulage models and the scale of the majority of models on Cranes Etc.

1:53  -  An unusual scale used by Tonkin Replicas for truck models.

1:64  -  Used by some model makers for trucks and a few construction models.

1:76  -  This is 'OO' railway scale as used by Hornby railways.  Few construction models are made in this scale but one example is the 19RB.

1:87  -  A small scale used for a variety of models which are relatively affordable.  It is 'HO' scale so fits with railways in that scale.  This scale allows large tower cranes to be made in a practical size.  An example is the Wolff 355B.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cranes Etc sell models?  How can I buy a model?

Cranes Etc does not make or sell new models, it only reviews them to help people decide what to buy. Visit the Cranes Etc Shopping Mall  to find a shop that can help you.  Many will ship internationally. Sometimes models from the Cranes Etc collection will be offered for sale on the Sales Page.

Where are the model prices?

Prices vary by country, currency and over time so they are not quoted on Cranes Etc.  Visit the Cranes Etc Shopping Mall to find a shop that can help you with pricing and shipping costs for the models that interest you.

Do you have spare parts for models?

As above Cranes Etc does not make or sell models, or parts.

I am a fan of Cranes Etc.  How can I show support?

Messages of support are always welcome.  Direct support is also possible - visit the Fan Page.

I have a problem with a model I bought.  Can you help solve it?

Always contact the seller in the first instance.  Sorry, it is not possible for Cranes Etc to get involved in resolving issues.

I have ordered a model from a dealer and it has not arrived.  Can you contact the dealer?

Sorry, it is not possible for Cranes Etc to get involved in resolving transactions.

Are models a good investment?

Some models can go up in value if they were made in small numbers or in rare / collectible colours.  It is best to buy a model because it is liked rather than for investment.  Models should always be kept in top condition and undamaged to help maintain value.

I have a model.  How much is it worth?

Sorry, Cranes Etc cannot give model valuations.

How are models made?

See this Editorial article.

Should the model boxes be kept?

Resale values are always higher if the original box is available, and it helps with shipping / house moving also.

Why did I not get a reply to my Contact Form?

This is almost certainly due to an incorrect contact e-mail address being entered in the Contact Form.

Where does Cranes Etc get the models?

The models reviewed on Cranes Etc have either been purchased, provided as samples, or borrowed.

Why are the Cranes Etc Model Ratings so high?

Models are rated using the Rating System.  Cranes Etc only reviews higher quality models rather than cheaper toys, so the model ratings will generally reflect this.

Why are the Cranes Etc Model Ratings so low?

Models are rated using the Rating System, and it tries to be objective and not favouring any particular machine type or brand, or model maker.

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