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Cranes Etc was born in 2004 and has provided free to use content since it started.  It has been supported by web and video advertising, however in common with the rest of the internet, advertising income has been declining significantly for independent content creators as people use adblockers or do not click ads.

So a different way is needed to allow Cranes Etc to continue going forwards.  If you are a fan of Cranes Etc, then you can now support Cranes Etc directly.

You can provide support by becoming a Patron of Cranes Etc.  For a monthly payment at a level that suits you, you can support Cranes Etc, and at the same time get the benefit of the Rewards that are offered, with no long term commitment.  Visit the Cranes Etc Patreon Page for more information.

Or, if you prefer, you can make a one-off payment of support direct to Cranes Etc at https://www.paypal.me/CranesEtc.

Also available for fans of Cranes Etc is branded merchandise from the Cranes Etc Stores - click the Store graphics on the top right to enter the stores in your area.

Models from the Cranes Etc collection are sometimes available for purchase.  Visit the Sales Page to see what is available.
Support Cranes Etc.  Become a Patron.
Cranes Etc branded merchandise is available from Spreadshirt Stores in the USA and Europe.