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Cranes Etc is not a model dealer and does not sell new models or parts.  Dealers for new models are listed in the Cranes Etc Shopping Mall.

From time to time models and other items from the Cranes Etc collection will be offered for sale.  The models are normally those which have been used for the reviews on Cranes Etc.  The listings are on Ebay UK, but can be found internationally on other Ebay sites where the item cost, shipping and import costs to eligible countries will also be stated in local currency.

If you are a Patron of Cranes Etc at the 200 Tonne level or above you can get a discount refunded against any model you buy from Cranes Etc.  Visit the Cranes Etc Patreon Page for details of the Rewards available.   The only conditions are that the Ebay delivery address must match your Patreon delivery address, and you need to have made at least one payment via Patreon.