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Caterpillar D7E Track-Type Tractor

Maker:  CCM
Model No:  -
Scale:  1:24
Review Date:  September 2011

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)26
Features   (max 20)18
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)82%


Caterpillar D7E Track-Type Tractor Video
The box.
Very good rear work lights.
Work lights with mesh covers at the front.
Tilting cab.
Heavy cabling and the AC/DC inverter at the rear.
Engine panels have excellent fine perforations.
Engine inside.
The Caterpillar D7E is a dozer in the 25 tonne class.  It was introduced in 2008 and its unique feature is the electric drive technology which offers greater efficiency and fuel economy.


CCM's packaging is high quality with an outer cardboard box containing a presentation box wrapped in tissue.  Inside, the model is contained within polystyrene trays and has its own clear plastic wrapping.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There is no information about the real machine or the model.  Two parts are included with the model; a pin for the towing hitch and a small wire tool which appears designed to aid opening the panels on the model.


As a 1:24 scale model it is large and impressive allowing some finer detailing and parts which are more accurately scaled.

Underneath, the body plates have various rivet details. The metal tracks are very good quality and robust.  So are the track frames, and these have working rollers top and bottom, and good bolt head details throughout.

The engine area has fine handrails and the side panels have very fine perforations.  The hinges on the panel doors are painted so they are unobtrusive.  The exhaust and other parts are metal.  Inside the engine compartment there is a well detailed engine with pipes and other components, and a silver radiator.  Looking from the front the radiator grille is metal and perforated and a large fan can be seen behind it which is a great detail.

The cab area has very good non-slip texturing around the outside and some finer detailing within the casting.  A pair of rear work lights has mesh protection.  The view inside the cab is impressive with the controls and computer console all looking realistic, and the Cat name is printed on the seat.  A rear view mirror hangs from the roof. Under the cab the AC generator is modelled as is the AC/DC power inverter, and there are various cables and components.

At the rear there is a frame with a towing hitch and a pin that would allow a tow bar to be connected.

The blade is a meaty chunk of metal with anti wear plates fitted along the bottom edge.  The frames holding it have stepping positions for access to the cab.  The main cylinder has an authentic looking connection to the blade and there is good quality rubber hydraulic hosing.


The tracks mechanism is a little stiff so they do not roll on a smooth surface.  Each set of tracks is linked by a pivoted transverse beam so they can oscillate up and down relative to each other.

The engine panels on each side open to reveal the detailed engine.  The panels are close fitting so take a little effort to prise open, and the supplied tool is not very effective.

Two panels open up on each side at the bottom of the cab and this allows the whole cab to be tilted over to provide access to the inner workings.

The blade raises and lowers and can maintain any pose.  It is rigidly connected so there is no tilt available.


This is a high quality model with some fine detailing.  The paintwork and graphics are very good and there is very little plastic used.


Because of its large size there is a lot of metal used and so it is relatively pricey.  However it is reasonable value for what is offered.


Although 1:24 scale is unusual there is no doubt a big and impressive model results.  It looks particularly imposing on a desk and is the kind of model that would have non-collectors looking.  It is highly recommended.


This model was introduced at the end of 2009 in a run of 1000 models.
 A later version in a run of 250 models included a Carco H90 Winch Package.
Profile view.
Blade up.
Track details are good.
Very good cab interior.
Opening panels.
Please don't operate it like this.
Towing frame.
Radiator block is silver.
View inside the cab - rear view mirror and console.