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Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator

Maker:  Norscot
Model No:  55214
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2010

Norscot Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)22
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)72%


The Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator.
Caterpillar style box.
Crisply cast body.
Good details at the base of the boom.
It makes a good transport load.  Here it is on a Doll Low Loader.
The Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator is a machine in the 20 tonne class, and as such is a general utility machine for use on a wide variety of construction applications.  The bucket size is typically 1m.


The model comes in a typical Caterpillar box style with a window.  Inside it is held between clear plastic formers and tied to the cardboard base with ties that have to be carefully removed.  The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There is no information about the real machine, but the box does describe the main features of the model.


The tracks are metal and are mounted on reasonably detailed frames but there are no moving parts within the frames.

The cab has a metal frame with forward facing lights and plastic mirrors and grab rails.  Inside, the cab detail is good with the main controls replicated.  The rest of the body is cast well, with detailed grilles and access panel handles.  The counterweight slab has tabs for lifting eyes but these are solid and without holes.

The boom and stick are well formed with hydraulic pipe work within the casting, and neat hydraulic hosing at the base of the boom, and to the hydraulic cylinders.  At the end of the stick the bucket is a detailed casting with good detail.  A nice facet is the rivets are painted so they do not spoil the look of the model.


The tracks roll very freely, and one of the sprockets on each track frame is spring loaded which keeps the tension in the track, and allows it to be removed easily.

All the usual functions can be operated.  It rotates, and the boom, stick and bucket are all adjustable using the hydraulics which are stiff enough to hold any pose.  The range of movement on the boom and stick is good.


It is well made and robust, and the paintwork and graphics are fine.  The use of plastic is limited and appropriate.


The model is good value.


This is a pleasant enough model from Norscot.  Detail is quite good and it poses well with other models.  Hopefully future excavators will have detachable buckets so that a variety of tools can be fixed.  Overall, the model is recommended.


The model first appeared in 2008.  In 2010 a 1:87 scale model of this machine was introduced.

Good hoses on the boom.
Good quality metal tracks.
Bucket is a nice casting.
Loading an East Dump Trailer.