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Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator

Maker:  Norscot
Model No:  55262
Scale:  1:87
Review Date:  March 2011

Norscot Index
Earthworks Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)20
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)13
Price   (max 15)13
Overall   (max 100)67%


Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator Video
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Caterpillar style box.
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Graphics are good.
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Handrail is over large.
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Decent bucket.
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Loading a Caterpillar 772.
The Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator is a machine in the 20 tonne class, and as such is a general utility machine for use on a wide variety of construction applications.  The bucket size is typically 1m.


The packaging is in Norscot's typical style, with three ties securely holding the model to the base.  The review model had no defects or missing parts.

The box has no information about the real machine, but the features of the model are described.


The tracks are rubber and not of the best quality but the track frames are fine for the scale.

The body is metal and is good, with nice detail on the cab including lights and mirrors, and the top of the body has textured walkway surfaces.  There is a plastic handrail on the access steps but it is overlarge in gauge for this scale.  Interior detail inside the cab is good.

The castings on the boom and stick are good with hydraulic pipes present, and the bucket has good definition of the teeth.  The rivets used to join parts are discreet so it looks fine.


The tracks can be made to roll although the grade of rubber and tension used means they can look distorted.

The model rotates well and the boom, stick and bucket have a good range of movement and can be posed nicely.  With the boom and stick fully outstretched the model becomes unstable and tips.


With the exception of the tracks the model is good quality for the scale.  The paintwork and graphics are very good.


It is relatively inexpensive compared to larger models.


This is a pleasant small model which would pose well on suitable model railway layouts as well as with other 1:87 models.  It is recommended.


The model first appeared at the end of 2010.  Norscot have also produced a 1:50 scale model of this machine.

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The rubber tracks do not hold their shape well.
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Underside view.
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The rivets used to join the moving parts are small.
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Detail at the boom foot.
Parked up for a rest.