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Version Three
Editorial October 2010

Cranes Etc was first published on 16th March 2004.  The original website design was basic to say the least, and the early reviews were published without any photos other than a few images from manufacturer's websites.  At that time the website was designed for the internet technology at the time with small images for fast downloading. 

Things moved on, and in 2005 an updated version of the website was introduced, and this layout was the basis of the style that has been in place until now, with some minor improvements along the way.  There was an early special item called a 'MegaPic' which allowed one large (800x600) image to be downloaded!  An improved feature that was introduced later was to allow each model photo in new reviews to be seen at a large size by clicking it.  It has been particularly pleasing to publish the Welcome page in a variety of languages over the last year.

Now in 2010 it is time for version three of the website, and it has had a complete makeover.  This has allowed lots of behind the scenes issues to be tidied up, and things are now in a more consistent format.  Some new features have been added to improve it.  Updating the website has been a huge piece of work and has taken six months from when the design work started with thousands of files being processed.  With a revamp of this scale there may be some early initial technical issues, but these will be resolved as they are discovered.

Hopefully the site is now even better for readers.

Cranes Etc
The first version of the website ran in 2004 and 2005.
The second version was introduced in May 2005.
Version two in one of its last appearances.