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The Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century

Publisher:  KHL
ISBN:  0 9530219-5-5
Editors:  Paul Marsden and Timothy Whiteman
Book published 1999, 272 pages
Review Date:  July 2010

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Front cover.
The Golden Gate Bridge.
This hardback book is one in the series of five in KHL's Classic Construction Series.

The book contains ten articles written by various authors on construction projects of historic significance.  Six of the projects are in the Americas; The Golden Gate Bridge, the US Interstate Highway System, the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal and the World Trade Centre.  The Channel Tunnel is the sole European project and the others are the Sydney Opera House, the High Aswan Dam and the Chek Lap Kok Airport.

Each article has an easy narrative style which is not high on technical detail, so on the whole they are a comfortable read.  The style of each article is similar, and some of the articles have simple tables of facts and some have a focus on the people actually involved with the projects.  All of the articles include a large number of photos of the projects being constructed and these are in black and white or colour depending on their age.

The selection of the achievements generally recognises major construction projects, with perhaps only the article on the US Interstate system being a little out of place as this is more of a programme of individual projects rather than one large project.

Overall this is an interesting book which will interest readers interested in major construction.  A great strength of the book is the large number of interesting construction photos.  No doubt individual readers will have their own opinions as to whether the chosen projects do represent the top ten or not, but those chosen are certainly interesting.  The book is highly recommended.

The Channel Tunnel.
The World Trade Centre.