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The Illustrated History of Hymac

Publisher:  Old Pond Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-906397-76-8
Author:  Jeremy Rowland
Book published 2013, 160 pages  
Review Date:  October 2013

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The Illustrated History of Hymac Video
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This is a nice quality book which charts the history of the Hydraulic Machinery Company (Hymac).

The content of this book covers the entire period of production of the company from the early 1960s to the end of production in 1993.

The text is an easy read without overdoing the technical side, and tells the story of the company's development and products.  The story is split into chronological chapters reflecting the different periods of company ownership.  However the large majority of the content is true to the title of the book and includes a huge variety of photos of Hymac machines.  These photos are generally very good quality and fully annotated.

At the end of the book there are separate short chapters on Hymac scale models and rebuilt heritage machines.  A particularly nice touch is a table giving the production figures and dates for each type of machine.

This book will be particularly appealing to anyone interested in the history of Hymac, but it is also good for the variety of interesting photos.  It is highly recommended to anyone interested in these topics.

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