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Lincoln's Excavators 1945-1970

Publisher:  Roundoak Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-871565-52-2
Author:  Peter Robinson
Book published 2010, 335 pages  
Review Date:  February 2011

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Lincoln's Excavators 1945-1970 Video
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This hardback book is the third in a series covering the excavators made in the Ruston Bucyrus factory in Lincoln in the UK.  It covers the story of Ruston Bucyrus excavators in the period following the end of the second world war up to 1970. 

The contents are largely organised along the lines of individual excavator models with separate sections covering the 22, 30, 38, 54 and 100 series RB models.  There are also interesting sections on special applications and the carriers used, and the short lived tower crane line.  There is plenty of coverage of Ruston Bucyrus hydraulic excavators too.  Trailing through the narrative is some history of the company including the people and the things that were happening in the company. 

The author has provided an authoritative text which draws on his experience with the company.  This has also enabled it to contain an exceptional collection of hundreds of photographs including some superb diagrams.

The quality of the book is high with good quality paper. 

Any reader interested in excavators or the Ruston Bucyrus company will find a great deal in this book.  The photos alone make it worthwhile and there is some interesting history discussed.  It is easy to highly recommend this book.

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