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Accessory Pack 0001

Maker:  CGMmodels
Model No:  0001
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2020

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Cattaneo CM 221 Fast-Erecting Tower Crane + Accessories video.  [Youku video]
The box.
The lifting forks.
Lifting fork.  The blocks are not included.
Lifting fork.  The blocks are not included.

This accessory kit consists of a chain and hook, two types of lifting fork, and a set of spreader plates.


The model box is a simple CGM Models labelled box.  Each part is contained in its own poly bag.

Detail and Features

The metal lifting chain has a single leg with a painted hook.

The lifting forks are also metal parts with the frames being realistically thin.  One has a variable lifting point.

The spreader plates are metal with outrigger pad holders for small crane pads.

These accessories pose well with smaller 1:50 crane models.

Quality and Price

These are nice quality metal parts which are well painted.

The pricing level is reasonable.


It is good to see a collection of accessories for smaller crane models.  These are well made and look good. 

Spreader plates.  Timber inserts are not included.
Lifting fork. The blocks are not included.
Parts can be used as a load.
The parts in the set.