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Kleemann MOBIREX MR 110 EVO Impact Crusher

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  2514
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2012

Conrad Index
Mining / Quarrying Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)78%


Kleemann MOBIREX MR 110 EVO Impact Crusher Video.
Kleemann box.
The crusher assembled.
Good structure.
Hopper and pre screen.
Optional side conveyor.
Side conveyor folded out.
Good detailing.
Conveyor top.
Ladder folds down and tilts out.
The side conveyor can be set to return material to the crusher.
Being loaded with a Link Belt excavator.
Impressive load for a truck.
Kleemann GmbH is part of the Wirtgen Group and it manufactures crushers and screening plant.  It has a long history, being founded in 1857.

The MOBIREX MR 110 EVO is a mobile impact crusher suitable for processing blasted natural stone, asphalt and demolition waste.  It can process up to 350 tonnes of material per hour.  The machine is readily transportable and has a weight of about 54 tonnes including the screening unit, and 44 tonnes without it.


The model comes in a Kleeman branded box which has a high quality photo and very good technical information about the real machine in both English and German. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There are three elements to the model and a good colour instruction sheet describes the assembly into a site configuration, although not all the features of the model are described.


This is a heavy model and the undercarriage has detail with the plastic tracks looking good, and the metal track frames are simple, without working rollers.

The feeding unit has fixed hopper sides and is mounted on a good structure which has the mounting springs detailed.  The Pre screen is plastic and the feed to the side conveyor can be seen underneath.  The entrance to the crusher has rubber strips attached to the cover to prevent fly-out from the crusher.  Safety equipment is marked with red plastic elements.

The body sides have very sharp Kleemann graphics with various panel details contained within the casting.  Plastic ladders lead up to the work platform.  The floors have diamond plated non-slip surfacing and the handrails are metal.

The main engine enclosure is a large metal casting with grille details. 

The discharge conveyor belt is rubber and there is a detailed drive motor at the end.  A magnetic separator is modelled in plastic. 

A side conveyor is modelled and it has a metal structure and rubber belt.  It takes oversize material from the optional screening unit for side discharge or return to the crusher.  Another optional conveyor can be fitted under the main screen and it also has a rubber belt.

The optional screen unit has a plastic screen with an excellent colour match to the metal hopper, and the belt is rubber.  Drive motors and transport legs are modelled in plastic.


The plastic tracks roll well on a rough surface.

The two access ladders have fold down sections and the larger one also tilts out to provide an inclined angle.

An optional side conveyor can be fitted on either side under the main screen.  It has a working belt.

The crusher cover tilts up.

The fixed side conveyor opens up and can be positioned anywhere along a wide arc.  It has a working belt.

The magnetic separator can be lowered to be above the main discharge conveyor.  It is also removable so the model can be displayed without it.

The optional screen has a working belt and it can be fitted to the crusher or displayed separately on fold-down legs.  The screening box is also removable from the belt structure.


This is a very solid and robust model with a high metal content.  Plastic elements have a very good colour match to the metal parts. 

The paint finish is high quality and is matched with sharp graphics.


The model is relatively pricey probably reflecting the high metal content and likely lower production numbers.


It is good to see another quarrying model and Conrad has not disappointed with this Kleemann machine.  It is a very strong model with plenty of functionality.  Hydraulic hoses and cables would have added some more detail, but nonetheless it is highly recommended.


The model first appeared at the Intermat Exhibition in April 2012.

The parts in the box.
Profile view.
Optional screening unit fitted.
Plastic tracks look fine.
View underneath.
Conveyors out.
Ladder up to the work platform.
Magnetic separation unit folds down.
Magnetic separator is removable.
Screening unit has transport legs.
Loaded on a Faymonville trailer.
Great display pose.