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Sennebogen 735 E Log Handler

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  2958
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2016

Conrad Index
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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)17
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)80%


Sennebogen 735 E Log Handler video.  [Youku Video]
Sennebogen branded box.
Good steering.
See-through grille at the front.
Grab rails below the cab are plastic as is the guard.
Hydraulics run to the grab.
Hydraulics on the boom.
High pose matches the real machine.
Trailer is large.
Loading the trailer,
It delivers right to your desk.
Comment on this model.

The Sennebogen 735 E is a pick and carry log handler.  It has a typical operating weight of around 44 tonnes.

The model includes a trailer and logs.


The model box is Sennebogen-branded sleeve enclosing a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.  The sleeve has some technical details and a photo of the real machine on it.

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

The only assembly required is to attach the trailer and load the logs.


The chassis of the 735 E looks good underneath with protection cages for the transmission.  Many of the parts are plastic but with a very good colour match.  The double plastic wheels are detailed and the tyres have a good tread pattern. 

The undercarriage is metal with a metal pushing blade at one end and a towing hitch at the other end.  The side bars have nicely textured stepping surfaces.

The cab has metal grab rails but no mirror, and there is a plastic protection cage.  Inside the detailing is good with individual controls visible.  Steps lead to the cab and there are plastic grab rails which are spoiled slightly as the moulding points are a bit rough. 

The body casting is good and the many small graphics look realistic as do the painted panel handles.   The Sennebogen name is embossed in the counterweight casting.  There is a small rear camera and exhaust pipe although it lacks a proper hole.  At the front is a very nice see-through grille and the lights have protection also.  The metal hand rails around the body are very good.

There are soft hoses running up the boom, across the stick, and to the grab.  The rams have plastic jackets which are slightly translucent compared to the rest of the model.

The log grab is plastic and looks good.

The trailer is a simple model.  The frame and log bunks are metal with the axle assemblies being plastic.  The log bunks are fixed in position on the frame.

Plenty of real wood logs are provided and these go with the model very well.


The 735 E rolls very well, and both axles steer to a good angle.

The front blade can be lowered. 

The model rotates smoothly.

The movement of the boom and stick is very good and the cylinders have enough stiffness to hold any pose. 

The boom and stick can fold to adopt a realistic transport pose although as the cab does not tilt or the handrails lowered, the model sits high on a truck.

The log grab rotates and it opens and closes smoothly, with enough stiffness to hold a load of logs.

The trailer clips onto the 735 E.


This a good quality model which is relatively heavy although some plastic is used.

The paintwork is very good with many detailed graphics.


It is fair value.


This is a good looking model and the logs allow realistic poses to be set.  The functionality is very good although it would have been nice if a realistic transport configuration could be posed.  It is attractive in the Sennebogen green colour scheme.


The model first appeared in the Sennebogen webshop in December 2015.
Parts out of the box.
Small graphics on the body.
Interesting underneath.
Pushing blade.
Profile view.
Boom lowers fully but the cab cannot be tilted.
Simple construction.
Holds logs well.
Ready to move.