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Liebherr LTF 1030 Mobile Crane

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  3088
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2004

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)
Detail   (max 30)17
Features   (max 20)13
Quality   (max 25)13
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)60%


The hook is attached under the front bumper - there is no loop provided.
Unusual style Liebherr box as it does not have a picture of the real crane.
Counterweight can be detached and stowed for transport.
Tilting cab reveals the engine.  The front outriggers swing out.
The LTF 1030 mobile crane is a crane mounted on a standard truck chassis rather than the more usual specially designed carrier.  It is a 30 tonne Liebherr crane mounted on a Mercedes 3 axle truck.


The model is delivered in a small box with an external design which is unusual compared to the normal Liebherr style.  There are no instructions provided and the review model was undamaged.


The truck detailing is good with the chassis underside showing prop shaft and exhaust pipes.  At the front, the bumper contains headlight lenses although it lacks a proper hitch for the hook during transport.  Wing mirrors are provided which insert into holes in the cab doors.  The cab has a visor and interior details are simple.  An omission is that there are no beacon lights.

The crane carrier is also detailed well with ladders and walkway surfaces and the area above the front outriggers looks good with the counterweight and boom holders.  At the rear are wheel chocks and painted light clusters.

The crane body has good handrails provided within the casting together with indentations for panels and grilles.  The interior of the crane cab is simple.

The main boom is a four section telescope with the usual locking mechanism when sections are fully extended.  At the boom head the main pulley axle is a removable piece which has holes in each end which form two of the three pin holes for the fly jib.  The third is cast into the jib head itself.  The main pulley is, unusually for Conrad, metal, but it is a single piece representing two pulleys. It would be easy to lose the pulley and its axle so care is advised.  The fly jib is a triangular cross-section and is cast with the lower side open, and has a hinged foldaway jib which can be pinned in position.  During transport the fly jib stows on brackets on the side of the main jib.

The hook is metal and has triple pulleys.


The steering mechanism on the truck is good and the cab tilts to reveal the engine.  The outriggers extend, with the front pair folding out from the transport position, and the pads can be lowered by unscrewing.

The usual crane functions can all be carried out, and this includes detaching the counterweight.  The fly jib can be attached and posed with the foldaway jib opened or closed, and the hook can be suspended from either part.


The casting is relatively old with the chassis bearing 'Made in W Germany' on the underside.  Details are good however as is the general finish of the model.  There is relatively little plastic with the telescopic outrigger beams being the only area where the plastic detracts from the model.


The model is good value for money.


Despite the age of the casting this is an appealing model with good truck details combined with a well executed crane.


The model first appeared in 1994.It has also appeared in the blue and red livery of 'Krösche' and was shown in this livery in the Conrad Catalogue.  Other liveries have also been produced by Conrad. The model is discontinued.

Good detail on the truck cab.
'Don't lift without the outriggers...'  Underneath detail is good, complete with 'Made in W Germany' on the fuel tank.
Fly jib stays on when the main boom is raised.  The end of the fly jib has downstand pins which slot into the end of the boom to fix it.
View from the rear with counterweight attached.  It is held in by the silver rams which have screwed ends