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Putzmeister Pumi MAN 4-axle

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  40130
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2008

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Concrete Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)15
Features   (max 20)12
Quality   (max 25)15
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)60%


The Pumi is a striking model in its colour scheme.
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High quality picture box.
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A good hard lock on the steering. 
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Rotor pump and hopper at the rear. 
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The outriggers are extended and the boom begins to unfold. 
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The Cranes Etc team places the concrete. 
This is one of Putzmeister's range of truck-mixer pumps.  These machines provide additional versatility in the placing of a single load of concrete, and it can be used for bigger pours too, with the concrete being fed by other mixers.  It is not clear which of the Putzmeister range is being represented by the model, however it is likely to be something  like the TMM 24 which has a vertical reach of almost 26m and a horizontal reach of 20m.  The model has a Rotor style pump and is mounted on a MAN chassis. 


The model comes in a smart picture box which has some good photos of the real machine and technical details of the models in the range and types of pump systems.  Inside, the model is wrapped in foam rubber which protects it securely.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

No instructions are provided but assembly is limited to the attachment of wing mirrors and the discharge chute so completing the model is simple.


Underneath, the model has a good detailed chassis with the prop shafts and differentials all modelled.  The tyres have a nice tread pattern, and are mounted on plastic hubs.

The cab is pleasantly detailed with the steps into the cab being good.  The wing mirrors are plastic but well silvered, and the windscreen wipers are formed within the plastic of the windscreen and painted.  The front bumper is plastic and light lenses are present.  Detail within the cab seems fairly basic although drinks holders can just be seen.  Under the cab is a plastic engine block.

Behind the cab there are plastic mud flaps over the second axle and an outrigger on each side.  These are plastic and the imprecise colour match slightly cheapens the overall look of the model.

Above the outriggers is the pedestal for the pump boom.  A nice metal feed pipe runs into the bottom and above this the main boom support is also metal.  The pump boom itself is of the plastic variety but visually it looks quite good with only the plastic hydraulic cylinder jackets looking just slightly off colour.  At the end of the boom is a stiff piece of tubing which represents the discharge hose.

The drum is metal and feels particularly solid.  At the discharge end an attempt has been made to model the beginnings of the internal screw.  Access to the drum discharge point is by a metal ladder and access platform which looks quite good although the hand rails are just slightly large for the scale.  Below the metal chute is a very nicely modelled rotor pump.

At the rear the bumper has a simple painted light array.


The front steering consists of linked axles and these can be turned to achieve a hard lock although the tyres do foul the mud flaps and so the model does not roll easily.

The driving cab tilts to reveal the engine, but the angle of tilt is a little constrained by the front bumper. 

The outrigger beams extend and the pads can be screwed down.  In a retracted mode however the pads cannot be fully retracted without fouling the front tyres.

The placing boom rotates and can be folded out to any pose, and the cylinders are stiff enough to enable the pose to be held.

The drum rotates in a very smooth and pleasing fashion.  At the rear the discharge chute is removable and can be set in any direction.


The castings are all of good quality as is to be expected from Conrad and the level of detail is moderate.  The placing boom is plastic which looks fine, but does not have the same quality feel as a metal boom.  Perhaps the most striking aspect of the model is the paintwork, and graphics on the drum, and overall the model looks very sharp.


This model is only rarely available through dealer channels.  However it has been available for purchase direct from Putzmeister at a price which is good value.


In some senses this is a relatively simple model compared to the standards of some of the more modern models that are now available.  Some minor details such as the outrigger beams detract a little from the overall quality.  However it is solidly made and looks very good in its strong colour scheme.


The model is listed as model 40130 on the box.  Strangely on the underside of the model it is listed as model 00100.  The model was made in 2001 and has been superseded by a later version numbered 40167 which appeared in 2008.

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The model wrapped in its foam insert. 
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The parts. 
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The profile view is striking. 
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The boom folded up for transport. 
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The tilting cab reveals the engine block.
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A second mixer can feed the pump.