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Silo Truck- MAN 4-axle - m-tec

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  4196
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2004

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)5
Detail   (max 30)13
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)13
Price   (max 15)8
Overall   (max 100)50%


The silo being transported.
Old style Conrad box.
Tilting cab reveals the engine.
Set down in place.
The silo.
This is a model of an m-tec silo carried on a MAN 4-axle chassis.


The model comes in a patterned box imprinted with the maker's name.  Inside, the model is contained within a foam wrapping.  The review model was undamaged.


The chassis is an all metal casting and is detailed underneath with transmission and leaf spring suspension modelled but non-functioning.  The fuel tank is marked 'Made in W Germany' indicating the age of the casting.  At the front the headlights are formed of plastic lenses and the indicators are painted.  At the rear although there are light details within the casting they are not painted.

The wheels have tyres of the older shiny variety mounted on plastic hubs on the rear two axles and, unusually for Conrad, metal hubs for the steering axles.  The cab has wing mirrors which are of the usual push-in type and the cab details are simple and adequate. 

The silo tilting mechanism is also simple and strangely it is marked with the model number 0096, rather than the correct number for this model.  Perhaps this is due to the silo mechanism being used on other models also.  The silo itself is a good piece being entirely of metal.  It has good detailing on the discharge pipework and the inspection hatch.


The steering axles are linked together although the lock is somewhat limited as the wheels foul the wheel arches.  The cab tilts forward to reveal a detailed engine block.

For display, the model can be shown with the silo in transport mode or it can be removed to stand alone.  The silo tipping mechanism operates using two hydraulic cylinders and a separate cylinder raises and lowers the silo to the ground.


There are very few plastic elements in the model and the silo is a good metal casting.  Paintwork and graphics are satisfactory, if not to the best standards of more modern models.


The model is fair value for the detail and functionality offered although cheaper versions are available from other manufacturers.


This model is relatively old and this is revealed in certain aspects such as the shiny tyres.  However it can be displayed in a variety of poses and is a good representation of the real machine and so looks fine in the display cabinet.


Front view.
Quite detailed underneath.
Rear view.
Raising the silo.
The carrier without the silo.