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MAN +Nooteboom 4+2 Trailer

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  61114
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2004

Conrad Index
Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)19
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)16
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)66%


The tractor and trailer make a striking combination in the red livery.
Picture box.
Out of the box.
Model without the interdolly.
Underneath the tractor.
Extendible bed opened out to the maximum.
The MAN Nooteboom trailer is one of a series of models produced for the Nooteboom company of Holland.


The model comes in a high quality picture box which, when opened, reveals the various model pieces contained within a black foam insert.  The box protects the model well and the review model was undamaged.  A simple written instruction sheet is provided and the schematic drawings on the back of the box indicate the possible configurations.


The MAN tractor is very good.  Underneath, various suspension and transmission details are present.  The hubcaps and the wheels are fine.  The cab mirrors are supplied separately and are fitted easily although they can be knocked off easily.  The lights at the front have lenses, at the rear they are painted.  The orange beacons look very good although they appear a little low.  Detail behind the cab is good with some excellent scale hand railing.  The tractor cab tilts right forward revealing engine detail including the gear stick.  At the rear there is a towing attachment and at the front the casting indicates where a tow bar would fit but unfortunately this does not include a hole and pin so fixing a tow bar is not possible.

The trailer unit comes in a number of sections.  The gooseneck is kitted out with a couple of spare tyres and has a working hydraulic cylinder arrangement.  The 2-axle interdolly has interlinked steering joining the axles with each wheel set able to move laterally, independent of the other three.  The 4-axle trailer set has a different wheel arrangement with each axle able to move vertically.  The tops of the two units are textured to represent a non-slip surface, and push-in plastic deck posts are supplied to fit to each unit.  The flatbed itself is supplied with two metal clip-on extenders to make the bed wider.  These look good but are a little fiddly to fit in the first instance and can chip the paint if you are not careful.  At the rear a plastic board with lights and mud flap detail fits on.


The steering on the tractor unit consists of the front pair of axles linked together and this works very well and the steering is equally good on the trailer modules with steering being interlinked.  The composition of the trailer can be varied and the interdolly can be left out if preferred to form a more conventional lowbed.  The main feature within the lowbed section is that it is extendible for those really long loads.  It pulls out to give an extra 6cm of length, making the overall model an impressive 54cm long.


This model is a well made with very good paint and graphics.


The model is good value for money and the moving parts and the flexibility in being able to combine the trailer in different ways means it compares very favourably with similar models from other makers.


A pleasing and impressive model which would be improved further by minor detail improvements such as beacons on the rear of the trailer and hydraulic lines between tractor and trailer.  It looks particularly good with a suitable load such as the Liebherr 654BV demolition excavator.


The model was introduced in 2000.  In 2001 a version appeared in the livery of 'Suden' which was all yellow.  The model was discontinued in 2005.

Click to see large photo
The model is packed within foam rubber giving it the feel of  presentation quality.
Tractor looks like it might just be a 'pulling champion'.
The tractor cab tips fully to reveal the engine.
Tractor with just the interdolly.
The width of the bed can be increased with clip on extensions.