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Mercedes-Benz Arocs Liebherr 36 XXT Concrete Pump

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  78245
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  November 2021

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Concrete Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 22
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 20
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 75%


Mercedes-Benz Arocs Liebherr 36 XXT Concrete Pump Video.
Liebherr branded box.
Smart colour scheme.
On the road.
Cab is plain.
Convincing details.
Outrigger pistons have screw threads.
Pipework is plastic.
Poses well with a truck mixer.
Rams are stiff enough to hold any pose.

The Liebherr 36 XXT has a vertical reach of 35.8m and a horizontal reach of 31.5m.  Depending on the pump it has an output of up to 167m/h. 

It is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 6x4 chassis.


The model comes in a Liebherr branded box and it is wrapped in foam rubber. 

The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There is no information about the real machine or the model.  The only assembly is to fit door mirrors, roof aerial and rear light bar.


The transmission and suspension is modelled largely in plastic, with the steering modelled for functionality.  The wheels look good although the tyres appear the same on all axles.

The Arocs cab has door mirrors and an aerial, and the interior is fairly basic, but at the front the grille looks good.  There are no number plates as this is a generic model.

The fold-out outrigger beams are metal and the pad pistons are screw threads.  There are sharp graphics on the beams.

There are textured walking surfaces at the rear, and the pump is nicely detailed including the piston tubes which seem to be plastic but with an excellent colour match. The handrails are also metal. At the back the hopper has a grille and a lid.

The boom sections are metal with a Liebherr graphic on the first section and a rubber hose at the end, and the pipework is plastic. Most of the pipe connections line up well but a couple were off a bit. The colour match on the plastic hydraulic ram jackets is very good.


The front axle has excellent steering with a very good range of movement and the rear axles have some suspension movement.  The model rolls very well.

The outriggers pull out with the front pair having telescopic sections. The pads can be screwed down. 

The articulated boom opens and rotates and the full range of movement of the original machine can be replicated.  It is stable with the outriggers out.  At full extension the boom did not bleed down during the review.

The hopper has an opening cover.


This is a robust model with a high metal content. 

The paint is very good and the graphics are very sharp.


It is reasonable value for money.


This concrete pump model is very functional, and the placing boom performs well.  It is a strong and robust model which looks good.


This model was first announced in 2021.

Very good steering angle.
Profile view.
Light bar at the back has to be fitted.
Detailed chassis.
Ready to pump.
Grille on the hopper.
At work.