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DAF XF + Moving Floor Trailer - Downton

Maker:  Corgi
Model No:  14116
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2013

Corgi Index
Commercial Truck Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)10
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)68%


DAF XF + Moving Floor Trailer - Downton Video.
High quality box.
On the road.
Nice rear end.
Black wheel hubs.
Simple underneath.
Tie downs are painted.
Detailed rear.
Comment on this model.

This model is a DAF XF 6x2 tractor with a three-axle Moving Floor Trailer.

It is in the colours of the UK haulier Downton, which started in business in 1955.


The model comes in the usual colourful high quality Corgi packaging with a gloss finish and photo of the model outside.  Inside, the model is held in an expanded polystyrene tray with a clear plastic lid. 

There was no damage or missing parts on the review model. 

Included is a Collector Card which gives some background to the livery.  It also has the unique serial number for the model within the production run.

The only assembly required is to attach the mirrors and aerial to the DAF cab.


The DAF XF 6x2 is relatively heavy.  Underneath there is some simple detailing of the transmission and the fuel tank is good.  The tyres are the same on each wheel and the wheels are nicely detailed but the hubs are black rather than matching burgundy as seen on Downton trucks.

The front lights are silvered surfaces with a plastic lens and the grilles look good.  On top is a thin roof aerial and an aerodynamic faring.  The door mirrors look accurate and the interior detail is fairly basic.  The quality of the graphics and paintwork is very striking. 

Behind the cab, there are metal wheel arches and a set of black air lines.  At the rear the light clusters are painted.

The trailer is surprisingly light as only the chassis is metal and the sides and top appear to be plastic.  Looking underneath, the structure is simple with the suspension on the axles simply represented.  The underside has a typical Corgi dimpled texture however there is no modelling of the moving floor equipment.  The wheels and tyres are good and the landing legs have plastic cam feet.

At the front the trailer has plastic access ladders and platforms.  On one side tie-downs from the tarpaulins are painted, and the other side has the outlines of doors.  On top the covering has a subtle texturing to represent tarpaulin.  At the rear the doors are indicated and the rear lights and graphics are sharp.  The rear mud flaps are flexible.

The decoration is very crisp with sharp Downton graphics.


The tractor rolls smoothly but does not have working steering. 

The trailer can detach from the tractor and the cam feet can be rotated up or down to provide support.  It has a couple of holes to enable the airlines from the tractor to be attached.


The overall quality is good with a little more plastic than usual on the trailer.  

The graphics and paintwork are very good. 


It is reasonable value overall.


This model is recognisable as a moving floor trailer even if there is no additional detail underneath, and the tarpaulin is not removable to enable a view inside.  It is an attractive model in Downton colours and certainly looks good on display. 


This model first appeared in August 2013 and it was made in a run of 850 models.
The parts including the collector card.
Smart graphics.
Simple chassis.
Access ladders and platform at the front.
Impressive looking.
Tarpaulin top has some subtle ripples.
Good looking livery.