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Scania 111 + Flatbed - Pollock

Maker:  Corgi
Model No:  15309
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  November 2013

Corgi Index
Historic Haulage Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)69%


Scania 111 + Flatbed - Pollock Video.
High quality box.
Included loads on board.
Flexible mud flaps at the back.
Fairly simple chassis.
Simple trailer chassis.
Empty load.
Good profile.
Alternative loads - pallets.
Comment on this model.

This model is another from the Corgi Hauliers of Renown series.  It is a Scania 111 tractor with a two axle flatbed trailer and resin loads.

It is in the colours of the UK haulier Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd which first started business in 1935.  The Scania dates from 1979 and has the unique name 'Summer Nights' after the John Travolta movie Grease.


The model comes in a quality Corgi package with a gloss finish and photo of the model.  Inside, the model is held in an expanded polystyrene tray with a clear plastic former lid. 

There was no damage or missing parts on the review model.

Included with the model is a Collector Card which gives some background to the livery.  It also has the unique serial number for the model within the production run of 1000 models.

The only assembly required is to attach the door mirrors to the Scania.


The Scania 111 has a simple 4x2 chassis with mainly metal parts and a plastic exhaust and drive shaft.  The thin tyres are the same on all axles and the wheels are smartly finished.

The cab detailing is good with an advertising sign and visor on the roof but the door mirrors are plastic and less good as they are without silvered surfaces.  The headlights are painted but the side indicators are nice plastic elements.  The graphics are generally very good with just some slight smudging in one area on the review model.

Behind the cab there are coiled air lines and the wheel arches are metal with flexible mud flaps.  There are number plates front and rear, and the rear lights are painted.

The trailer is solidly made and almost completely metal.  Underneath the deck the structure is modelled well with the suspension on the axles simply represented.  The wheels and tyres look good and there are flexible mud flaps.  The frame of the landing legs is metal.

The deck has a nicely textured and painted surface to represent timbers.  There are Pollock graphics at the front and on the structure under the deck.

The load comprises two cable drums made of resin.  They are heavy and convincing items with good detailing.  Timber baulks and straps are also provided.


The tractor rolls well but does not have working steering. 

The trailer can attach to the tractor and there are a couple of holes to enable the airlines from the tractor to be fixed.

The landing leg frame can be clipped in a raised or lowered position although on the review model the clip was less effective at holding the frame lowered.  However with the legs down the model does stand horizontal.

The trailer can be loaded with the supplied load or other loads, or left empty.


This is a strong and robust model which is mainly metal.  

The graphics and paintwork look good and the cable drums are well made. 


It is reasonable value overall.


This is an interesting historic truck and the loads enhance it, and provide posing flexibility.  Functionality is limited but it certainly looks good.


This version of the model first appeared in October 2013 and it was made in a run of 1000 models.
The parts out of the box including collector card.
Graphics are generally very good.
Air lines behind the cab.
Stands well on its frame.
Convincing model.
Resin loads with tie-down straps.
Alternative load - bricks.