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Scammell Contractor and Low Loader - Sunter Brothers

Maker:  Corgi
Model No:  198014
Scale:  1:76
Review Date:  April 2011

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)14
Features   (max 20)8
Quality   (max 25)11
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)51%


Scammell Contractor and Low Loader - Sunter Brothers Video
Simple box design.
Basic detail at the rear.
Ballast load is a plastic moulding.
Towing the trailer.
All axles are rigidly fixed.
Carrying the 19RB.
The Scammell Contractor tractor and low loader is one of the Corgi Trackside range.  It is modelled here in 1:76 scale, and is therefore suitable for use with OO scale model railways.

Scammell was a British manufacturer of trucks from 1921-1988 and the 'Contractor' was a special heavy haulage tractor.  The model is in the colours of Sunters, a haulage firm active in the last century and they shifted boilers and other large equipment in the 1950s.


The box is very simple with the model held in place within a plastic tray, and the review model had no defects or missing parts.

There is no information about the real machine or the model supplied, and there is no assembly required.


The Scammell tractor is a basic model.  The entire underside is a one piece plastic moulding with some detail although the quality of the plastic and manufacture is not the best.  The wheels are pinned through plastic hubs.

At the rear the ballast load is another one piece plastic item and the rear of the model is very plain with no lights.

In contrast the cab area is a decent casting with good door details although there are no mirrors or wipers.

The trailer is almost entirely metal and is better quality.  Each wheel set appears to have a metal hub and the deck has some texturing.  There is a generator assembly at the front and the only plastic part on the trailer is the fuel tank.


The tractor has a loose drawbar at the front which pulls out and can be retracted.

The drawbar on the trailer moves and can be folded in if desired.


The tractor quality is basic but the trailer is better.  The decoration is quite pleasant.


This is a relatively cheap model and this is reflected in the tractor particularly.


This model is designed for use on a model railway layout and it would be adequate for that.  The toy-like nature of the tractor unit means it is not really suited as a display item in a collection.


The model first appeared in February 2011.
The equipment under the cab is a plastic moulding.
No wipers or mirrors on this one.
Chassis underneath is entirely plastic.
The trailer is nearly all metal.
Generator tank is the only plastic part.
Using the tow bar at the front to push the trailer.