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International HX520 + XL 120 Trailer - Black

Maker:  Diecast Masters
Model No:  71017
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  November 2018

Diecast Masters Index
Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 23
Features   (max 20) 17
Quality   (max 25) 20
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 79%


International HX520 + XL 120 Trailer - Black Video [Youku video]
 Smart sleeve.
Limited steering angle, but it looks great.
Detailed chassis.
Straight exhaust pipes.
Underneath the boosters.
Detailed wheels.
Impressive trailer.
Looks good.
Hauling an RT crane.
Two axle booster.

The tractor is an International HX520 6x4 and the trailer is an XL 120.   Two boosters are also included.

The review model is the black version.


The packaging consists of a cardboard outer shipping carton which encloses a very quality drawer-style tray within a picture sleeve. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

Included with the model are a few parts to add in various configurations.  There is a small sheet describing how to extend the flip neck on the trailer.


The International tractor chassis has the engine, gearbox and transmission detailed in plastic.  The twin fuel tanks and exhaust is modelled and there are soft mud flaps.   The plastic wheels are detailed and there are different tyres on the steering and driven axles.

The front grille is very good and there is a tiny badge at the top.  The light and front bumper look nice also, although there is no number plate as this is a generic truck.

Around the cab the chrome work looks very smart, and the mirrors are plastic, and the steps are textured.  The exhaust stacks are very detailed and a choice of straight or bent exhaust pipes is included.  The cab interior has detailing.

Behind the cab is more chrome work with a light bar and optional 'Oversize Load' sign.

There are no coiled lines, but the rear wheel arches are chromed.  The rear lights are painted.

The trailer is made up of the gooseneck, the trailer, a 1-axle or 2-axle booster in the East Coast design.

The gooseneck is a metal part.  It has sharp graphics applied.

The trailer is a heavy metal part.  There are plastic ramps at the front, and the deck has plastic replica timber surfaces which have a nice texture and pattern.  The edges have the outriggers modelled in the casting and there are sharp graphics.  The deck has a good looking pre-camber. 

At the rear, the axle assemblies are modelled well, and the wheels are detailed.  There is a textured surface on top and there are soft mud flaps at the back.  The rear lights look convincing.

The two boosters are very similar with the difference being the number of axles.  They are mainly metal with sharp graphics and the same plastic wheels as the trailer, and soft mud flaps.  They lack a drop leg jack so they can stand properly when not connected.

An 'Oversize Load' sign can be attached to the rear of the trailer or boosters.


The HX520 has steering with a limited range of movement, and it rolls freely.

The hood tilts forward to about 45 and can pose in any tilted position.  The engine underneath is detailed in a number of coloured components.

The gooseneck is detachable from the deck and is hinged so the angle is adjustable.  It has an extending flip neck with an alternate king pin position.

The deck has fold-down ramps at the front.  The rear axles have a degree of vertical float.

Either the one-axle or two-axle booster can be added to increase the capacity of the trailer.


This model is well made with a high metal content. 

The paintwork and graphics are to a high standard.


It is reasonable value.


It is good to see Diecast Masters produce a US tractor trailer combination, and it is a logical step to provide trucks that can be posed carrying models from their vast Caterpillar catalogue.  Overall it is very good and a welcome addition.


The model appeared in October 2018 after being first announced at the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The parts and leaflet.
The model in basic configuration.
Lots of chrome work.
Opening hood.
Underneath the trailer.
Very sharp graphics.
Outriggers are formed in the casting.
Hauling an excavator.
Pre-camber on the deck.
Loading the crane.