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Caterpillar CT660 + XL Trailer + CB-534D XW Compactor

Maker:  Diecast Masters
Model No:  85601c
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2019

Diecast Masters Index
Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 21
Features   (max 20) 14
Quality   (max 25) 15
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 68%


Caterpillar CT660 + XL Trailer + CB-534D XW Compactor Video [Youku video]
Core Classics box design.
Steering is sprung so cannot be posed.
Simple detailed chassis.
Operator in the cab struggles with the steering wheel..
Detailed graphics on the gooseneck.
Detailed rear end.
Loading the compactor.
Simple details.
The operator in the cab is not included with the model.
Single axle booster.
Other loads on board.

The Caterpillar CT660 Vocational Truck line was introduced in 2011 and was Caterpillar's first entry into the commercial truck sector. The line was short-lived and was cancelled in 2016.

The model is a Caterpillar CT660 Day Cab Tractor with an XL 120 Low Profile HDG Trailer and a Caterpillar CB-534D XW Vibratory Asphalt Compactor.   Two boosters for the trailer are also included.
This model is one of Diecast Master's Core Collection.


The packaging consists of a cardboard outer shipping carton which encloses plastic formers holding the model. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There is information about the real machines printed on the box, but there is nothing about the model.  The compactor is rigidly fixed to the trailer with a screwed part, but this is easily removed if required.

A Diecast Masters mini brochure is included.


There is some detail under the CT660 although the transmission is incomplete and one of the plastic mouldings is hollow underneath.  The engine and gearbox look good, and the tyres have a good tread pattern and are mounted on plastic hubs.

At the front the radiator looks realistic with all the shiny chrome work being plastic.  The air horns are short and the exhaust stacks seem thin compared to photos of the real truck.  Under the hood the engine is well detailed.  Mirrors are plastic.

Inside the cab the seat backs have Cat printed on the back, and there is a driver figure, but the steering wheel looks too large.

Behind the cab the detail is fairly simple with completely smooth wheel arches, the light bar has lights coloured, and there are soft mud flaps.  There are no coiled lines.

The trailer is made up of the gooseneck, the trailer, and a 1-axle or 2-axle booster in the East Coast design.

The gooseneck is a metal part.  It has sharp graphics applied.

The trailer is a heavy metal part.  There are plastic ramps at the front, and the deck has plastic replica timber surfaces which have a nice texture and pattern.  The edges have the outriggers modelled in the casting and there are sharp graphics.  The deck has a good-looking pre-camber. 

At the rear, the axle assemblies are modelled well, and the wheels are detailed.  There is a textured surface on top and there are soft mud flaps at the back.  The rear lights look convincing.

The two boosters are very similar with the difference being the number of axles.  They are mainly metal with sharp graphics and the same plastic wheels as the trailer, and soft mud flaps.  They lack a drop leg jack so they can stand properly when not connected.

An 'Oversize Load' sign can be attached to the rear of the trailer or boosters.

The compactor is very simple underneath.  The drums look good although the paint finish around the edges was scruffy on the review model.  The inner faces of the drums have some decent bolt head detailing.

At the front there is a Caterpillar logo and the lights are highlighted.  The detailing at the back is similar.  The engine cover has the grilles marked by graphics and there is a loose fitting exhaust.  There are useable lifting eyes at each corner.

The cab area is completely plastic.


The front axle steers a moderate amount with the steering being sprung so posing the model being steered is difficult.

The hood of the tractor opens forward fully and can stay posed open.

The gooseneck is detachable from the deck and is hinged so the angle is adjustable. 

The deck has fold-down ramps at the front.  The rear axles have a degree of vertical float.

Either the one-axle or two-axle booster can be added to increase the capacity of the trailer.

The compactor drums turn without being free rolling.  Steering across the pivot point is simple, but it achieves a good angle.  An operator can be fitted in the cab, although one is not supplied in the box.


This is a moderate quality model with significant plastic on the tractor and compactor 

The paintwork is mostly good, and the graphics are very good.


This is a lower cost model and is reasonable value.


The Core Classics line from Diecast Masters generally comprises older and more value-oriented models.  As a compromise the quality is lower than the High Line series, and the detailing and features are of a lower standard.  However, it is a good way to obtain a lower cost heavy haulage model and load.


The model appeared in May 2019.

The parts.
The model in basic configuration.
No coiled lines.
Opening hood.
Underneath the trailer.
Two boosters are included.
Cab area is all plastic.
Drum surface is nice.
Nice camber on the deck.