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Caterpillar 352 Ultra High Demolition Hydraulic Excavator

Maker:  Diecast Masters
Model No:  85663
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  July 2021

Diecast Masters Index
Demolition Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 9
Detail   (max 30) 27
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 9
Overall   (max 100) 85%


Caterpillar 352 Ultra High Demolition Hydraulic Excavator Video  [Youku Channel]
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Caterpillar branded tin.
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The parts.
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Sharp Cat graphics.
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Operator installed. Opening cab door.
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Nice hydraulics.
Busy hydraulics.
Excavator boom can be fitted in two optional positions.
Opening panels.
Decent depth of dig.
The boom stand.
Moving to position.
Tilting cab.

The Caterpillar 352 UHD Excavator weighs around 68 tonnes.

It is used for demolition and site clearance activities. 

This version of the model can be configured as a demolition machine or excavator.


The model comes in excellent packaging.  There is an outer shipping carton which contains a tin which is protected by a nylon bag.  The tin is high quality and includes pictures and details about the real machine.

The review model had no missing parts or defects.

A mini catalogue of the Diecast Masters range is included.  Two instruction sheets describe how to fit the booms, the features of the model and how the operator can be inserted in the cab.


The undercarriage is mainly metal with ridged sections containing the extending mechanism.   The tracks are metal and are typically narrow for a demolition machine.  They are mounted on detailed track frames with no working rollers.

The cab has got plastic debris protection screens and a plastic mirror.  There are grab handles outside the cab.  Inside the detail is very good with Cat on the seatback and also on the left control console.  An operator wearing bright high visibility clothing can be fixed in the cab. 

The body panels have handles modelled with the side grilles formed by graphics.  The hinges for the panels are silver coloured so they are noticeable.  The Cat graphics are very sharp and there are some tiny warning signs.   There are textured walkway surfaces and the handrails are metal.

Multiple soft hydraulic lines run to the boom foot and yellow pipes are modelled in soft plastic.

The demolition boom is metal and dense hydraulic pipe arrays run along the top.  Lifting eye locations are modelled but are not useable.  Rivets are painted and Cat graphics are applied.  The hydraulic ram at the end of the stick has a protection cover.

Two demolition tools are included, an MP332 Concrete Cutter Jaw and an MP324 Demolition Jaw.  Both parts are metal with detailed graphics.

The excavator boom is metal and also has complex hydraulics modelling.  The quick connector is plastic with an excellent colour match.  The metal bucket is a nice casting with sharp teeth. 

Also included with the model is a stand for supporting a boom when not attached to the excavator.  It has metal handrails mounted on a plastic platform with plastic supports.


The tracks roll easily, and they are mounted on spring-loaded idlers to maintain tension.   The track frames are extendible so the model can be displayed in transport or working modes.

It rotates well.

The cab door opens to a good angle, and the cab tilts significantly for demolition operations.  Any pose can be held.

There are three opening panels on the operator's side, and another one on the opposite side.  An engine cover on top also opens.  Engine and other details are revealed.

The demolition boom and stick have a good range of movement.  Although the instruction sheets warn of stability issues with the big boom fitted, in practice it is pretty good, and most practical poses are possible.  It is likely that some of the hydraulic rams might bleed down over time so two clips are included.  These can be fitted to ram pistons to lock the extension, and they are well designed as they can be positioned so that the silver ram remains visible.

The demolition tools can be attached with four screws.  They rotate, and the jaws can be opened and close.  the hydraulic connections to the tools are pressed into pre-formed holes, but they are on the loose side and easily pop out.

The excavator boom can be fitted in one of two possible positions. The movement of boom and stick is very good, and the bucket movement is too.  Digging at depth is realistic. 

The bucket clips on and is easily removed.

Either boom can be parked on the boom stand.

The operator can be installed in the cab for when the model is posed working, or the cab can be empty to represent the machine being parked up or transported.


It is a robust model with a high metal content.

The paint is very good and the graphics are sharp.


It is pricey but it includes a lot of model for the money.


It has been a long wait for a big Caterpillar demolition model and Diecast Masters has delivered an excellent replica.  It is flexible and functional, with very nice detailing, and would look great in a suitable diorama.


The model became available in July 2021.
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The contents of the tin.
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Rigged as an excavator.
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Track frames extended.
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Opening engine cover.  Logo on the engine.
It is stable in this pose.
Engine detail.
Removable bucket.
Connecting the boom.
On site.
At work.
Two demolition tools.