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Freighter Road Train - Mammoet

Maker:  Drake Collectibles
Model No:  410305
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  July 2023

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Mammoet Kenworth C509 + Freighter Road Train Video 
Mammoet branded box.
Single trailer configuration.
The trailer set.
There is a tiny Mammoet fleet number.
Unique license plate at the rear.
Trailer underside.
Dolly underside.
Road train with crane parts.
Impressive model.

This review is of a Freighter Road Train set. 

It is in the colours of the Dutch lifting and transport specialist, Mammoet. 


The set comes in a Mammoet-branded box.  Inside, the parts are contained within black foam rubber trays. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review set.

A Freighter marketing brochure is included, and this is a nice document.  Also provided is an instruction sheet describing the features and functions of the Freighter trailer models.  

A Mammoet Collector card is also included.

Detail and  Features

The set comprises three trailers and two dollies, and the details and features are of the same standard.

The trailer structure is modelled well, and hoses run to each axle.  The wheels and tyres look good and working suspension is provided which is nicely engineered.

The plastic storage boxes have highlighted handles and Freighter graphics.

The landing legs can be lowered by unscrewing. 

The trailer decks have a metal textured surface and the edges are a very nice piece of casting work with separate rails formed.  Tiny Mammoet fleet numbers are different on each trailer. 

At the rear, each trailer also has a unique license plate.  A plug-in towing hitch can be added for road train mode, but it pulls out fairly easily.

The gates are metal and can be clipped together, and bows added across the top.  Although initially loose, the system becomes rigid enough when fully clipped up.

A spare wheel can be stored under the deck.  Gates can also be stored but because of the clearances only a couple will fit comfortably on the rack.

The dollies have suspension on each axle and there is a full rotational movement when connected to a trailer. The connection is by a fifth wheel operated by a lever which grips the kingpin of the following trailer.  Hose connections have tidy storage points.  A landing leg can be lowered to support the drawbar.

Quality and Price

These are well made trailers with a high metal content.  There is some plastic used fappropriately.  The models are high quality.

The price reflects the quality.


This is an excellent road train set which complements the separately available Mammoet Kenworth C509 perfectly.


The Road Train Set was available in July 2023 in a limited run of 750.
The parts.
Front gat fitted.
Storage boxes.
Landing leg down.
The road train.
Road train with site cabins.