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Kenworth C509 + Drake 5x8 Trailer and 2x8 Dolly - McAleese

Maker:  Drake Collectibles
Model No:  zt09062
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2015

Drake Index
Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)18
Quality   (max 25)24
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)88%


Kenworth C509 + Drake 5x8 Trailer and 2x8 Dolly - McAleese Video  [Youku Video]
Drake branded box.
Very good steering angle.
Rubber mud flaps.
Opening door and detailed interior.
Dolly standing on its legs.
Swingwing opened up and ramps down.
Complex detailing.
On the road.
Excellent details include moving control levers.
Hauling a big Hitachi.
Loading a Vermeer Leveller.
Big rig.
Comment on this model.

This review is of a Kenworth C509 prime mover and a 5x8 Swingwing trailer with a 2x8 dolly and it is all in the colours of the Australian company McAleese

The C509 has the nickname 'Big Banger'.  The Drake Swingwing trailer was first introduced in 1969 and is available in load carrying capacities from 65 to 120 tonnes, and depending on the version, the width can be expanded to 4.6m.


The model comes in a cardboard outer shipping container enclosing a paper wrapped Drake branded box.  Inside, the model is contained within a pair of factory sealed expanded polystyrene trays. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

Three brochures are supplied.  One is a reprinted brochure of the C509 range of Kenworth trucks. The second includes information and photos of the real Swingwing trailer. 

The third is a double sided card which describes the features of the dolly and trailer models.  Assembly is straightforward with the spare wheels each having a specific position on the dolly or trailer and they are individually marked with their location.


The Kenworth C509 prime mover is a 6x4 long distance tractor with a sleepover cab.  The chassis is very detailed with a very high metal content.  The tyres have a different tread pattern on the front and rear axles, and the wheels are detailed with flexible rubber mud flaps on all axles.

At the front is a nice metal bullbar and the radiator grille behind is excellent.  The cab has a mass of detailed chrome work.  Under the cab is a detailed engine, modelled with many separate components including hoses and cables.  The interior is also very good.

Behind the cab, the exhaust muffler has the McAleese name and it looks great as do the fuel tanks.  Intricate detailing includes highlighted bolt heads on the sleeper section.  There are coiled lines for connection to the trailer and excellent non-slip walking surfaces.  At the rear the lights have plastic lenses.

The dolly has lines running to the wheels and for the trailer connection.  The structure is authentically represented with some small graphics which really add detail.  A plastic auxiliary fuel tank attaches to the gooseneck and four spare wheels also clip on.  Each of these has a chain and separate locking bolt.

The Swingwing trailer is almost all metal with a good structure and deck.  More spare wheels clip onto the goose neck, and like the dolly it has really nice Drake nameplates. There are air and hydraulic lines throughout and the hydraulic pump is modelled too.  The control console is excellent with tiny legible graphics. 

The Swingwing mechanism uses friction rivets at the pivot points which are nicely unobtrusive.  At the rear the ramps are very detailed.


The front wheels on the Kenworth steer, but the steering is heavily 'notched' rather than variable and  the range of movement is very good.  There is working sprung suspension on all axles.

The bullbar tilts fully forward and that allows the hood to fully open forwards. 

The cab doors can be opened and inside the seats have an air ride action and can be moved up and down. 

The ‘fifth wheel’ on the C509 has a spring loaded lever to secure a trailer in position.  It can also be adjusted longitudinally.

The dolly has removable spare wheel sets and the locking bars can also be detached to release each wheel.  The kingpin can be set in one of two positions and it has an oscillating skid plate.  There are two support legs and each can be lowered and locked by using a removable pin. 

Both sets of wheels can be slid out to widen the dolly and the axles float and twist.

The kingpin on the Swingwing trailer can be set in one of three positions by using a screwdriver.  The spare wheels are removable with the same functionality as those on the dolly. 

Each of the wheel axles has working suspension with a significant range of movement, and at the rear the ramps can be lowered.  There are three support legs, two at the front and one in the centre, and they can be lowered and pinned into position.

The gooseneck angle is adjustable and the ram has a good stiffness which holds any pose.

The levers on the control console can be moved.

The Swingwing mechanism works well.  It opens up in a number of widths and can be pinned into position.


This is another high quality Drake model with a high metal content and the C509 is really good. 

The McAleese livery is represented very well with high quality paint work and graphics.


It is good value for the high quality. 


Drake models set a very high standard for scale models and this one is the best yet with the Kenworth C509 being particularly good.


This C509 appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015. 

This model was awarded the Cranes Etc Model of the Year for 2015.
The parts in the box and brochures.
Excellent detailing.
Very detailed chassis.
Opening hood.
C509 has a much longer wheelbase compared to a K200.
Underside of the dolly.
Detailed ramps.
Nice chains on the ramps.
Excellent radiator on the C509.