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High, Wide and Handsome

Publisher:  Old Pond
ISBN:  978-1-906853-94-5
DVD published 2008, 75 mins

Review Date:  August 2011

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This DVD is by Peter Connock and Martin Phippard and is a Region 2,4 PAL video in English.

It covers four heavy transport moves showing the loading / unloading and parts of the journey the loads took.

The first segment is in Switzerland and shows Friderici vehicles moving wind turbine components.  The second covers Diamond Heavy Haul's move of two 200t castings in Indiana in the USA.  The third is filmed in France and shows Brame P moving heavy Alstom power units.  Lastly is a piece recorded in England with Plant Speed moving a large ferry boat in the Lake District.

The camera work and editing of the film is not of the highest quality with a little too much use made of unusual transitions and title effects.  The film shot in America is also of a different aspect ratio which gives the DVD a less professional feel.   Having said that there is enough footage to give a good appreciation of the heavy transport featured.  The sound recording could be better with the sound of the vehicles generally in the background.

The commentary is a little on the dull side and generally lacks enough real hard information about the vehicles and loads.  There are some snippets of people involved with the load movements describing the task.

The positive aspect of this DVD is that it gives a chance to see large heavy transport moves up close in a way that is not possible for most people.  At the same time perhaps an opportunity has been missed to make it more interesting and informative.  All in all it has just about enough to be recommended.
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