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Massive Earthmoving Machines 3

Publisher:  Old Pond
ISBN:  978-1-905523-93-1
DVD published 2008, 76 mins

Review Date:  September 2011

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This DVD is by Steven Vale and is a Region 2,4 PAL video in English.

This third disc in the Massive Machines series is filmed in Boliden's Aitik copper mine in Sweden.  This mine is a massive opencast excavation some 400m deep, which extracts 43 million tonnes of rock per year.

The featured digging machines include the Bucyrus 495BII, the P&H 4100A and the Komatsu PC5500.  They are all covered in depth with plenty of film of the machines working including views from the cab.  Even the activity of replacing of worn teeth on a bucket is filmed which gives an unusual insight.

A variety of other machines are also covered including the Bucyrus 49R Blast Hole Drill and large wheel loaders and dozers.  The haulage includes trucks from the Caterpillar 793 series as well as the Lectra Haul MT4000.

The quality of the filming and sound recording is very good.

The commentary has lots of specific information about the machines and the mine and so is all the better for it.  Also the processing of the excavated material right through to being loaded on road transport is covered and this adds a welcome dimension to what the mine is all about.

This DVD is highly recommended for both for the subject and the very good production values of the film.
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