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Scrap Metal Giants

Publisher:  Old Pond
ISBN:  978-1-906853-86-0
DVD published 2011, 88 mins

Review Date:  September 2011

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This DVD is by Steven Vale and is a Region 2,4 PAL video in English.

This disc covers the scrap metal industry and visits locations in the UK, Norway and Belgium.  It covers the processes used in some depth as well as the machines employed, so it is a good documentary on the industry rather than just an exhibition of machinery.  Having said that, the majority of the film is about the machines so it is aimed at its core viewers.

There is an interesting variety of machines shown as the tasks cover larger and smaller scrap yards, oil rig decommissioning and ship loading.  Large Caterpillar wheel loaders are seen in action, as well as Liebherr 984 high reach scrap handlers.  The oil rig work includes Fagioli SPMTs and the massive Rusch machine based on a Caterpillar 5130B which sports a huge 25t shear.  A Hitachi ZAXIS 870 with shear appears too.

Also covered are large and unusual balance cranes such as the E-Crane and Sennebogen 880D.

The film quality and sound are of a professional standard, and the commentary is clear and authoritative.  There is a short interview section covering the Rusch machine and there is filming from within the cabs or on the work platforms of some of the larger machines.

This disc is up to the standard of Steven Vale's other DVDs with high production values and plenty of facts within the commentary, and the descriptions of the scrap metal processes provide good context to the film.  It is highly recommended to anyone interested in this type of machine.
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