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Oshkosh Striker 4500 ARFF - Chicago O'Hare 655

Maker:  Fire Replicas
Model No:  072-655
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2020

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Oshkosh Striker 4500 ARFF - Chicago O'Hare 655 Video  [Youku Video]
Fire Replicas branded box.
Stainless steel name plate.
Highly detailed cab.
Hoses and cables run to the boom.
Superbly detailed Little Giant ladder.
Mesh grille with exhaust behind.
Profile view.

The Oshkosh Striker is an airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) emergency vehicle.  It is equipped with fire suppression equipment. 

It is in the colours of Chicago Fire Department O'Hare Airport.

This model is substantially made of resin (not diecast) and as such it is a static model with no functionality.


The model comes in a plain Fire Replicas cardboard box.  Inside it is contained within foam rubber protective sheets. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

An instruction sheet is included which addresses the unpacking and care of the model.  It would have been nice if a numbered collector card were provided to reflect the limited edition nature of the model.


The model is presented in a high quality display case and it is recommended the model is kept inside it, not least to avoid dust getting into awkward to clean places.

The lid has a nice thickness and weight.  The base has a soft covering and a stainless steel etched plate provides details of the real vehicle.  The model is fixed to the baseplate and from some low angles the fixings are visible.  The instruction sheet says the model can be disconnected from the fixings but this was not attempted on the review model.

The Striker 4500 has an 8x8 chassis and the wheels are detailed and have unbranded tyres.

The driving cab looks very authentic inside with the Oshkosh logo on the headrests and fire equipment and shelves behind the seats.  Outside there are very thin wipers and mirrors.  At the front there is a hose nozzle and detailed lights and other parts.  There are tiny graphics in the roof windows. 

More high quality graphics are applied to the doors and body sides.  Other tiny parts are added to enhance the detail.  The stainless steel roller doors are excellent as is the etching in the body at the rear which allows the exhaust to be seen on one side.

At the rear there is an access ladder and the lights and signage are high quality. 

Thin realistic handrails surround the roof and they have highlighted bends and connectors.  Metal stainless steel walkways are impressive and there is a fine black mesh grille at the rear.

Storage chests on the roof have tiny thin handles, and there is a 'Little Giant' ladder with tiny intricate graphics. At the front there are some extremely thin and delicate antennas above the cab.

The boom is another excellent piece of modelling made of numerous component parts including the hose and fixings, and cables.  Excellent graphics complete the detailing.


As a highly detailed resin model it is delicate and designed for static display only.


This is high quality model which is very well made. 

The paint and graphics are excellent.


It is reasonable value for the quality and limited edition nature of the model. 


This is a well presented model which excels in the intricate detailing and realistic appearance.


A version of the model was also made for truck 6510 of the O'Hare fleet.
A high quality display case.
Large tyres.
Detailed lights at the rear.
Excellent graphics and stainless steel roller doors.
Tiny antennas above the cab.
Handrails have highlighted connectors.
Very convincing.