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P&H 4100XPC Electric Mining Shovel (Radio Control)

Maker:  HK-FunctionsModellbau
Model No:  HK063
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2016

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)19
Quality   (max 25)23
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)88%


P&H 4100XPC Electric Mining Shovel (Radio Control) Video  [Youku video]
Very large box.
Big rear end.
Electric cable connection has a realistic looking plug.
Drop down ladder access.
Mesh walkway gratings on the roof.
Steel coloured boom support cables are equally tensioned.
Pull down stairs don't quite pull down.
Profile view.
Night shift working at Cranes Etc.  The LED lighting is great.
Comment on this model.

P&H Mining Equipment is a global leader in the manufacture and service of large excavating and drilling machines.  The company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1884 by Alonzo Pawling and Henry Harnischfeger. Its headquarters remain there.

The P&H 4100XPC is an electric mining shovel that provides a nominal payload of up to 120 ton loading capacity. The dipper SAE struck capacity is up to 100ydł. It is designed for use in mines operating large mining trucks in the 240-400 ton range and it is one of the largest shovels in the world.  

The model is very large being around 40cm high to the boom tip, 65cm long end to end, and 30cm wide.

The model was originally manufactured by TWH Collectibles, and the review model has been converted to radio control by HK-Funktionsmodellbau.


The model comes in a P&H box sleeve wrapping two large expanded polystyrene trays.  Lifting the top off reveals the model.  There are quite a number of small pieces of packaging surrounding the model and most of these are designed to protect the metal handrails from damage.  It is a good idea to mark all of these with their location prior to removal so that repacking the model is straightforward.  The model just rests in the bottom tray so it can be lifted out although as the model is so heavy you need to lift in the right places to avoid inadvertent damage and HK-Funktionsmodellbau gives some advice in this regard.  

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model. 

Two reprints of P&H brochures are included.  One is about the P&H line of shovels, and the second is more general one about mining products.  It is good to see these included, even though they do not have extensive technical specifications about the 4100XPC.  
The review model was supplied with a Spektrum DX10t radio transmitter and a separate power supply for the 4100XPC. 

Two instruction manuals are included, one in English, one in German.  The manual is comprehensive and well written.  It describes the functionality well, and also how to protect and care for the model.


As befits a machine of this size the crawler tracks are huge with heavy metal pads which are cast well and individually pinned. The track frames match for heavy construction and are large castings with good detail and working rollers.  The drive sprockets have massive motors attached and these are linked to the electric stinger assembly which has a chained boom and a coiled length of cable for connection to the external power source.

The turntable has a heavy toothed slewing ring although there are no driving gears visible.  The underside of the body is fairly streamlined but the main structural elements are produced well.  There are some spotlights modelled even though they are not visible unless you look right underneath the model.

The body of the machine is huge making this a dominating model in 1:50 scale.  At the rear the counterweight has the feel of being made of solid chunks of metal with the casting detail and P&H letters really standing out. Around the body are various walkways and stairs all with fine mesh floors and realistic scale metal handrails which all give a high quality look. Doors are modelled with hinges and glazing, and there are a couple of fire extinguishers on the walkways.  

There are many high quality graphics such as warning notices and they are very sharp and well defined, as are the larger graphics.  Moving to the roof, it is covered with fine gauge metal mesh walkway panels and these look great against the yellow paintwork.  There also three glazed roof lights and these have protective rails over them.  Around the model are a number of floodlights and these are complete with wiring but more on that later.  

At the rear the Air Scrub Pro canopy is modelled well with its distinctive shape, and underneath there is lattice work, hoses and a painted fan array.  The boom support structure has more excellent walkways and stairs and the main connectors to the silver boom support cables look great.  A good job has been done to give all the boom cables an equal tension.  There are some large silver rivets at the tower top and these would have looked better painted black.

The cab is impressive with two seats and a control console for the operator.  Outside there are two finely detailed air conditioning units and there is an aerial and other equipment on the roof.  The cab roof overhangs have tiny bolt heads detailed on the underside and this is a pleasing detail even though they will hardly ever be seen.

The boom is of heavy box beam construction which is secured to the pivot point with a couple of large silver headed screws and again these would probably have looked better painted.  There are stairways to the top where the two metal spoked rope wheels are located. It is good to see lifting eyes have been reproduced along the boom sides.  

The twin dipper handles are metal with a heavy toothed underside for the crowding action, and they are fixed to the bucket with necessarily large silver friction rivets.

The Optima dipper is a very chunky piece of metal. It has very thick walls and a heavy handle with the pulleys for the ropes.  The structure is modelled really well and the details do not disappoint either with excellent teeth with the fixing bolts detailed.


The main operating switch is hidden under the rear of the model so it is easy to operate, and there is another switch to disable the crawler warning beeps.

The tracks have powerful motors and they drive the model well, and steering is possible.  They also have variable speed with an impressive slow speed.

There are two means of access.  The main access staircase lowers and this is a powered function.  It is nicely engineered as the machine cannot rotate when the stairs are down. 
On the opposite side a vertical ladder can be lowered and raised by hand, although it requires some fiddling to get the ladder to stay in the up position.

The main door to the operator's cab can be opened, as can the door to the empty cupboard behind.  

There is working LED floodlighting which works really well and is under radio control.  The lights are bright and have some adjustment for angle. 

The rotation is very smooth with variable speed and it can rotate continuously as it has an electric slip ring. 

The dipper can be raised and lowered ad the crowd action is also motorised.  The variable speed motors provide realistic actions.

The dipper door is also opened remotely.  It does open very fast so is not so realistic for the scale, but it is effective.  The door also shuts without hand intervention.

The sounds include a horn and warning beeps which are loud.  The production version of the model will have variable volume, and an additional sound for the dipper door.


The quality of the manufacture is very good with the paintwork and graphics being especially good.  There is hardly any plastic used and so a robust and very heavy model results. 

The engineering of the radio control is excellent with the look of the model not impacted.


The 4100XPC was a high priced static model because of the size and weight, and the high quality radio control is not cheap.  However you get what you pay for.


The original model by TWH was outstanding, and this radio control version moves it onto another level.  It is the quality of the model engineering which really adds and the result is exceptional.


This model first appeared in 2011 and this R/C version appeared in October 2016.
P&H branded sleeve for the trays.
Strong boom and dipper construction.
The model is very heavy.
Size comparison - the 4100XPC could stamp the life out of a skid steer loader.
Excellent graphics and a small fire extinguisher.
Cab has detailed console and cabinets.
Air conditioners are really good.
Opening cab door and opening door to the 'smallest room' at the rear (which is empty).