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Mammoet Scania R620 + K25 18 Liner + Trafo

Maker:  IMC Models
Model No:  410214
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2018

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 15
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 9
Overall   (max 100) 79%


Mammoet Scania R620 + K25 18 Liner + Trafo  [Youku Video]
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Mammoet branded box.
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Smarts Scania.
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Reasonably detailed chassis.
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Smart looking Scania.
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Impressive heavy haulage.
Nice drawbar.
Long trailer.
Impressive large transformer.
Great display.

This model displays a Mammoet innovation known as Trailer Power Assist (TPA).  One purpose is to reduce the number of prime movers and drivers used in heavy haulage, by providing additional traction power to self-propelled modular transporters through a dedicated power pack.  Or it can provide additional power for use in configurations when climbing gradients.


The model comes in a large Mammoet-branded box with a photo of the real Scania.  However, the photo does not show the TPA arrangement.  The model parts are held within a large number of separate expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no missing parts or defects.

There is a manual which describes the assembly of the model.  It has a parts list and has step-by-step photos.  It is good enough but there were some discrepancies between the review model and the photos in the manual.

A uniquely numbered Mammoet certificate is also included.


The Scania R620 is made by Tekno and there is Tekno branding underneath.  It has a detailed 8x4 chassis with functional steering linkage between the axles. The transmission components are modelled in plastic and the tyres are different on the steering and driven axles.

The cab looks really good  The graphics are very sharp and the distinctive Mammoet colour scheme stands out. There is a fleet number on the cab and realistic number plates. Behind the cab the big cabinet is nicely detailed, and there are coiled lines. Diamond plated surfaces surround the fifth wheel.

The thin ballast box is plastic with sharp graphics. 

The TPA power pack is a large unit.  It has metal sides and top, with a plastic underside.   The sides are highly detailed with etched grilles, and there is a fleet number.  The top surface has a variety of grilles and twin exhausts.  One weakness appears to be that there are no hydraulic connections between the power pack and the trailer, which seems odd.

Three 6-line K25 modules are supplied, and they are detailed to the same level, with the difference being they each have a unique fleet number.

The rubber tyres of the modules are good with a realistic tread pattern and they are mounted on metal hubs which are different on the driven and non-driven axles.  Each pair of wheels is mounted on a metal support with a hydraulic cylinder.

The structure underneath is strong and robust.

The edges of the modules are detailed with Mammoet graphics on the sides.  The walkway surfaces are made as full length parts with a very detailed texture. 

The drawbar arrangement is nicely made.  It could not be connected to the module steering because the review model had an incompatible layout.

The transformer is a heavy resin part with a number of parts added to enhance detail.  It is a convincing looking model.


The Scania has limited steering movement available on the front axles. 

A separate fifth wheel is provided so the tractor can accommodate trailers with a larger kingpin.

The cab tilts and it can maintain a tilted pose.

Each module wheel set has sprung suspension which is nice, but the height cannot be set.  They have linked steering which is proportional and complex, and it works well.


This is a high quality model with a high metal content excluding the transformer. 

The paint finish is very good and the graphics are sharp.


It is a desirable limited edition model, which is fully priced.


This model is an interesting illustration of a Mammoet innovation and it is perhaps a little surprising that more is not made of it on the box or in the accompanying documentation.  Fully built up, it is an interesting model in well-known collectible colours.


The model appeared in February 2018.
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Manual and Cartificate.
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Thin ballast box fitted.
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Without the ballast box.  
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Tilting cab.
Fully assembled.
Trailer wheels can be nicely aligned with care.
Hydraulic connection to the trailer seems to be missing.
Very nice details.