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Demag CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane - Mammoet

Maker:  IMC Models
Model No:  31-0227
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2023

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 10
Detail   (max 30) 29
Features   (max 20) 19
Quality   (max 25) 23
Price   (max 15) 13
Overall   (max 100) 94%


Demag CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane - Mammoet video
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Large Mammoet branded box.
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Transport load.  The telescopic struts are spring loaded so cannot be posed retracted.
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Large crawler track.
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Rigged with a short main boom and 150 tonne block.
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Erection outriggers can be fitted.
Counterweight blocks are separate parts.
LF configuration.
Tilting cab.
Derrick and ballast tray.

The Demag CC 2800 is a 600 tonne class crawler crane.  It can be configured in many different operating configurations.

This version of the model is the colours of Mammoet, the Dutch lifting and heavy haulage specialist. 


The model comes in high quality packaging with an outer shipping carton enclosing a large Mammoet-branded box.  The model parts are wrapped in soft paper and held within expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no defects or missing parts.  A reeving tool was supplied separately, but will be included with later versions of the model.

This version of the model comes with a book celebrating the real crane. It traces the history of the Demag company through to its current ownership by Tadano.  There are many photos showing the development of the crane up to the latest version, and there are many interesting liveries.  The quality of the book is excellent with heavyweight paper used.

The 52 page A4 build manual for the model is very comprehensive with clear steps describing the assembly and features, and an excellent parts list.  Even so, not every aspect or feature is described leaving things to discover,

Tools are supplied to assemble and operate the model, and the bags of small parts are numbered making it easier to follow the instructions.

A Mammoet Collector Card is included which has a unique serial number within the run of 1000 models.


The track frames are very detailed with tiny graphics to add realism.  The metal track pads have a dimpled surface and they are pinned together.  Working rollers are present top and bottom.  Plastic access stairs can be fitted, and there are hydraulic hoses running to the drive motors.

Self-erection jacks have graphics added and the jacks have visible screw threads.  Metal spreader plates are included.  The counterweight trays are metal.

Metal outrigger beams can be fitted to the crawler track frames for use in raising a long boom and jib.

The crane cab has wipers and lights, and the interior detail is very good too.  Small graphics enhance the detailing.  Metal hand rails and excellent mesh walkways can be fitted.

The body has high quality paintwork and graphics.  On the inside there are hydraulic hoses and the winches have good quality rope.  The winch drums are operated by a key through fairly discrete holes in the body sides.

The counterweight tray has useable lifting points and the counterweight slabs also have useable lifting points.  The A-frame has a self-erection cylinder.  All of the pulleys on the model are white.

Under the boom connection point the slewing motor is modelled and it is good to see the assembly winch is reeved with rope.

The boom and derrick connections are made with brass nuts and bolts which work well but it would have been nicer if they were coloured black.  Struts on the body are metal parts which are spring loaded.  As such they do not look right in transport mode as they remain extended.

The boom and jib sections are high quality metal lattices, and they have very nice mesh walkways.  The ends of lattice sections are painted black to replicate the Mammoet decoration.  The boom and jib head sections have safety cut-off chains, and the luffing jib head has dolly wheels for use during erection.

The pendant bars are nicely formed tubular sections.

Two hook blocks are included and they are very good metal parts. 


The crawler tracks roll easily and are spring loaded.  They can be detached from the undercarriage for display as transport loads. 

Self-assembly jacks can be used to support the crane body.  Outrigger beams can be attached to support the erection procedure.

A self-assembly cylinder on the A-frame is useable.

The operator's cab can be rotated from the transport position and it can also be tilted to a good angle.  It holds a pose well.

All winches are operated by using a key.  The have positive brakes which are released by pushing in against a spring.  They work very well.

The ballast tray has a telescopic stinger which can have an extension locked by a grub screw.  The pendant length at the ballast tray is also adjustable.

A major feature of the model is its flexibility.  Numerous configurations are possible and the parts provided facilitate this.


This model is very well made and high quality.  The presentation is enhanced by the high quality documentation.

The paint finish and graphics are high quality.


It is an expensive model but this reflects its size and quality so it is good value.


This is a first class model of the CC 2800 crawler crane.  It sets a very high standard for a diecast model of this type, and its flexibility is a particular high point.


The model first appeared in Tadano and Mammoet colours at the Bauma Exhibition in 2022.  It became available from early 2023.
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Excellent documentation.
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Many transport loads are possible.
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Self-assembly can be posed.  
Click to see large photo
Lifting a concrete beam.
Detailed tracks.
The 600 tonne hook block is modular.
The LF configuration can be built taller than this with the parts in the box.
Detailed heavy lattice parts.
Great Mammoet decoration.