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DAF XF SSC + Nooteboom OSDS-44-03 WEB Trailer

Maker:  IMC Models
Model No:  5322508
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2016

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)9
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)83%


DAF XF SSC + Nooteboom OSDS-44-03 WEB Trailer Video  [Youku Video]
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High quality box.
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DAF has good steering.
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Paccar branded engine.
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Very good chassis.
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Detail underneath.
Opening tool box.
Ramps fit into a storage box.
Loading an excavator.
Hauling an excavator.
Crane parts on board.
Wheels are nestling in the wells.
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This model pairs a DAF XF SSC 4x2 Tractor with a Nooteboom OSDS-44-03 WEB Multitrailer.  A particular feature of the trailer is the wheel wells which are designed for the transport of large wheel loaders.

This version is in the Nooteboom 'Red Line' colour scheme with the tractor having the number T-106 and the trailer is OPL-105.


The model comes in a very robust high quality outer shipping carton.  The box is also high quality, with Nooteboom branding.  The model is held within black foam which is fairly stiff so care is needed getting the model out.

The review model had no missing pieces although one of the wooden panels supplied was a duplicate rather than handed, however this is a minor discrepancy.

There is a small booklet which has interesting information about the real truck, and it also describes most of the features of the model.  A plastic certificate is also included.

Another inclusion is an alternative fifth wheel which will allow the DAF to accommodate trailers with a thicker king pin.


The DAF is a 4x2 chassis and it is nicely detailed with the transmission, suspension and tanks modelled.  There is Tekno branding on the chassis.  The tyres are different on the steering and driven axles, and the wheels are highly detailed with very nice nuts at the rear.

The Super Space Cab looks very smart in the Nooteboom red finish and the graphics are very sharp.  The front grille is finely reproduced, and there are inset door handles.  The cab interior is reasonable. 

Under the cab is a well detailed plastic engine with the Paccar name on it.  Behind the cab there are coiled lines and diamond plated surfacing is painted white.

At the rear the wheel arches are plastic and a nice touch is that the mud flaps are rubber.

The trailer chassis is detailed and there is no model maker's branding.  There are some small tanks, and wheel chocks and marker boards are modelled but are not removable.  At the rear the small stabilisers are modelled but non-functional.  Plastic textured ramps are included.

The wheels are excellent, with distinct wheel nuts, and a nice touch at the front is that the spare wheel does not have the wheel nuts.

The inlaid replica timber deck has bolt positions indicated, and there is an offset metal strip on the gooseneck.  The main deck has a textured surface.

The deck edges are particularly good with a yellow stripe and highlighted tie-down loops.  There are tiny graphics which were mostly very good on the review model.


The DAF has good steering movement so it poses realistically.  The cab tilts and it can maintain a tilted pose.

The trailer axles have no suspension but the rear axle replicates self-steering with a limited range of movement on the review model.

The landing legs can be lowered and there are no unsightly screw threads.

The gooseneck can be configured with panels, and the toolbox has an opening lid.

The wheel wells can be left open or plastic beams can be inserted and wooden panels added to provide a flat deck. 

Ramps can be added at the rear or stored in a storage box under the deck which has opening flaps.


This is a high quality model which is very well presented.   It has a high metal content. 

The paint finish is very good, and the graphics are sharp.


It is decent value.


This first model for Nooteboom by IMC Models is a very good start, particularly in regard to the detailing and packaging.  It is an interesting trailer design, and the functionality is good overall, with the DAF having good steering.


The model was first announced by Tonkin Replicas at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2015 and was released by IMC Models in December 2015.
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Booklet and parts.
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'Red Line' graphics.
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Very nice looking DAF.  
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Marker boards are good but not movable.
On the road.
Beams can be fitted to enable the wooden panels to be supported.
Excellent wheels.
Carrying a Liebherr Wheel Loader.