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Tadano GTC-2000 Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

Maker:  IMC Models
Model No:  80-1025
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2022

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 9
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 85%


Tadano GTC-2000 Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane video
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Tadano branded box.
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The parts allow a convoy to be formed.
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Raised on its jacks.
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Detailed cab and very nice mesh walkways.
Counterweight is formed of separate slabs.
Ready for work.
At work.
Tadano load plate is included.  The single line hook block is not included with the model.

The Tadano GTC-2000 Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane is a 200 US ton class crane designed for city work.  In Europe it is understood to be the GTC-1800EX model.

The real crane first appeared at Bauma 2019 in Demag colours.


It comes in a Tadano-branded box.  The model parts are wrapped in soft paper and are held within expanded polystyrene trays which are held together with plastic clips.

The review model had a missing support bracket for the lattice fly jib.  IMC supplied the part quickly.

The manual is excellent.  It describes the model, with clear photos and instructions. Different length pins are supplied in numbered bags, and good quality tools are supplied to assemble and operate the model.


The metal tracks are fine quality detailed castings and the track frames have graphics applied.  There are no working rollers, but access steps are attached and on one frame a ladder can be stored.  

There are four hydraulic jacks for use in self-assembly of the crane, and two metal ballast boxes fit between the track frames. On top of the frames are excellent mesh walkway platforms.

The cab has window wipers, and the interior detail is good with red-tipped joysticks.  Small graphics enhance the detailing around the cab.  Exterior walkways have diamond plated surfaces.

The body has cast in details with some paint highlighting, and there are small warning sign graphics. Hydraulic hoses run to the winches and good quality rope is wound on the drums.

The counterweight slabs have chevrons and useable lifting lugs.

The main boom ram has a metal jacket.  The profile of the telescopic boom is very good with inner sections having a two colour finish.  The sheaves on the model seem to be metal painted white to resemble the nylon-type sheaves used on the real crane.

The swing away fly jib is metal with the luffing rams having plastic jackets.  A separate head sheave is also supplied.

A single metal three sheave hook block is included and it is good.  The model really needs a separate smaller hook to complement the fly jib. 

A Tadano plate is provided to keep tension on the hoist rope.


The tracks are spring loaded and roll freely.  The track frames are extendible, and the walkway above telescopes accordingly.  It is also possible to remove the track frames.  Stairs on the track frames can be opened out, and the removable ladder can be posed during erection procedures.

The self-assembly jacks can be locked out of position or pinned vertically and the jacks unscrewed to raise the crane. In practice the pins easily drop out so care is needed, and some positions are difficult to install.

The cab tilts to a good angle and holds any pose.  A walkway can be extended out from under the cab.

Raising the boom is easy as the locking mechanism on the main boom ram is by using a supplied key to tighten a screw and this works well.  However, the key and screw are very small so care needs to be taken to not apply too much force.

Telescoping the boom is smooth and easy with a spring clip to lock each boom section at maximum extension or 45%.

A key is used to operate the winches.  They are spring loaded with decent brakes.  Winch motors are supplied as separate parts which can be plugged into the winch key holes to make accurate poses.

The lattice jib extension can be carried on the side of the boom, or fitted for use.  The jib angle can be altered by using the luffing rams which are stiff to operate. 

The head sheave can be attached or swung to the side out of service.

The second winch can be added or left off.  Unfortunately, there is no hook supplied for use with the second winch and although the manual advises to tie the rope off directly to the Tadano load plate, it does not look right. Most collectors will want to add a second simple hook block.


This model is very good quality with a high metal content.  The use of plastic is appropriate and executed well. 

The paint finish is very good, and the many small graphics are sharp.


It is good value for the flexibility of the model.


This is a functional and large model from IMC.  It is very well presented, and the detailing gives the model an authentic look.  A second hook block for use with the jib extension would be a welcome addition.


The model was released in February 2022.
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Parts and manual.
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Makes a good transport load.
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Ready to fix a track frame.  
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Very detailed tracks.
Profile view.
Nice detail around the winches.
Decent boom profile.
Lifting a tram load.