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LaBounty MSD 4500R Scrap Shear

Maker:  Industrial Scale Models
Model No:  4500R3-K
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2013

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LaBounty MSD 4500R Scrap Shear Video
Simple box.
Cutting steel.
Impressive part.
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This is a model of a LaBounty MSR 4500R Scrap Shear and in this configuration it is a third member tool attached to excavators in the 50-70 tonne weight range.  The weight of the shears is 9.5 tonnes.  LaBounty is part of Stanley Hydraulic Tools.

Industrial Scale Models are sold via DHS Diecast.


This model box is simple with the shear wrapped in soft paper.

There were no defects or missing items on the review part.

There is no information about the real tool, and no instructions.  However fitting the part to a WSI Hitachi ZX870 Excavator is very simple.

Detail and Features

The scrap shears is a well made metal part with good casting detail which includes bolt heads along the cutting edges.  Silver paint has been used to highlight some edges.  The attachment bolts are brass and they work fine but would have looked better in black.  The visual impression of the shears is enhanced by the addition of a number of small graphics.

Attaching the part to a WSI Hitachi ZX870 requires the use of the supplied brass bolts as the black WSI bolts are too large.

The shears rotate and the jaws can be fully opened and closed.

Quality and Price

This is a well made part with good paint and graphics.

It is a little expensive probably reflecting the low number of parts likely to be made, but it is a way to add a tool to an excavator model in bucket configuration.


This part from ISM provides a nice option to owners of suitable excavators.  If you can afford the price it is easy to recommend.


The part was also made in red and yellow.  It is listed as fitting Caterpillar 365, Liebherr 984, and Volvo EC700 excavator models.
Shears attached to a Hitachi ZX870 Excavator which is a little larger than the shears are designed for.
The part.
Nice small graphics.