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Cab Guard

Maker:  Industrial Scale Models
Model No:  Cab Guard
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2014

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Cab Guard Video  [Youku video]
Simple box.
Looks good.
Fitted to a Caterpillar 323D L.
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This accessory is a cab guard suitable for attachment to excavator models.

Industrial Scale Models are sold via DHS Diecast and other dealers.


This model box is simple with the parts contained in a plastic bag and wrapped.

There were no defects or missing items on the review part.

There are no instructions.  However fitting the part is straightforward.  It does not clip into place but can be posed position.  The part consists of two plastic elements, a roof and a windscreen section, which clip together, and a touch of glue would secure them together if required.  Alternatively they could be used as separate parts.

Detail and Features

The windscreen guard is nicely shaped and includes a silvered mirror.  The grilles on both parts look realistic.

The parts are a good addition to the Norscot Caterpillar 323D L and 336D L models.  They do not clip into position on the cab but can be rested in place.  It is best to remove the existing grab rail and mirror from the cab.

Quality and Price

The parts are well made of good quality plastic.

It is a reasonable price for a specialised part.


This is a well-executed item which is a clear enhancement when fitted to a suitable model.  It certainly enhances the two Norscot Caterpillar demolition models shown in this review.


The guard fitted to a Caterpillar 336D L.
The parts.
Operator can see through fine.
The silvered mirror adds to the look.