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Double Grouser Track Set - 13.5mm

Maker:  Industrial Scale Models
Model No:  EMT-1
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2013

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Double Grouser Track Set - 13.5mm Video
Simple packaging.  The small package is a separate extension set containing 10 links.
Fitted to a Conrad Liebherr R 954 C.
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This is a set of double tracks consisting of 47 links in each side.  The track pads are double grouser and 13.5mm wide.

Industrial Scale Models are sold via DHS Diecast.


The set comes in a simple plastic bag and is wrapped in soft paper.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review set.

There are no instructions for fitting the tracks but the links are joined by splitting adjacent links when at right angles to each other.  A separate compatibility sheet describes how the set can be applied to various models.  An extra set of 10 links can be obtained as an extension set.

Detail and Features

The track links are metal and are high quality appearing similar to those fitted on the CCM Caterpillar 385C Excavator.  They have bolt head details and holes in the middle of the pad.

The link jointing is flexible and firm, and they roll well in use.

Quality and Price

This is a well made set with good paint.

It is reasonably priced given the high quality.


The set can be fitted to many production models from various manufacturers and is high quality.  It is highly recommended.


The compatibility sheet.
Nicely made links.
Scrapping the old tracks.