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Haulotte H43 TPX Telescopic Access Platform

Maker:  Joal
Model No:  209
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2008

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)18
Features   (max 20)13
Quality   (max 25)16
Price   (max 15)12
Overall   (max 100)65%


A big access platform model - the Haulotte H43 TPX.
Box with window.
Steering mechanisms allow a very hard lock.
Chunky all terrain tyres.
The model reaches a very impressive height.
It looks good on a low loader although it is wide as the wheels cannot be retracted.
The H43 TPX is one of the largest telescopic boom access platforms produced by Haulotte, a world leader in the sector.  It has a working height of 43m and can position the basket at up to a 20m radius.


The box style is the same as other models in the Haulotte range with a windowed box and the model is securely tied within expanded polystyrene formers.  It has no information about the real machine.  There is no assembly to do and the review model was defect free and had no missing parts.


There is no particular detail on the underside of the model except the two central stabilisers which have plastic pads.  The tyres are a good chunky rough terrain type mounted on nice looking hubs and the rest of the under carriage is fairly plain. 

Detail on the model improves with the body however with a good warning notice, an orange beacon light and a decent exhaust pipe.  The castings on the body have the Haulotte name in relief and the counterweight is patterned.

The boom is a four stage telescope with the largest lowest piece having hydraulic lines within the casting.  There is also a plastic non-functioning set of telescopic control gear on one side. 

The basket sits at the end of a short fly jib which is metal.  The basket is however all plastic and the colour match is a little off so it shows.  It does have a detailed and pleasing control console however.


The central under body stabilisers can be screwed down to provide extra support.

Both axles steer and a very hard lock can be obtained which provides a tight turning circle.  Unfortunately the axles are fixed in an extended position, which aids stability of the model, but means they cannot be retracted to make a convincing transport load like the original machine.

The model rotates well, and the boom telescopes out smoothly.  The boom raising cylinder is very stiff so there is no problem with the model holding a pose and fortunately it is also stable if a high angle is maintained.

The basket position is adjustable up and down and side to side.


Although Joal models have traditionally not had a reputation for high quality, this model is quite good with reasonable detail and castings and paintwork which are both fine.


This is good value for the size of model and features provided.


Joal have produced a rather large 1:50 access platform model and delivered it quite well.  Although more detail and a few more features would make the model really good, there is no denying it is good value.  It makes an impressive addition to a scene with other models and is recommended.


The model was declared to be a 2007 release by Joal.

The black telescopic control cables are non functioning.
Underside view shows the central stabilisers.
The basket is plastic but has good detail on the control pad.
The model is stable with the boom at a steep angle.