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Nooteboom 2+4 Euro-PX Low Loader - Red Line

Maker:  MarGe
Model No:  5793522
Scale:  1:32
Review Date:  June 2021

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 23
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 20
Price   (max 15) 12
Overall   (max 100) 78%


Volvo FH16 8x4 + Nooteboom 2+4 Lowloader Video - Red Line.  [Youku Channel]
Nooteboom branded box.
Detailed gooseneck.
Hoses and marker boards.
The deck rests on supports to maintain the level.
Edge beams are not textured.
Without interdolly.
Extended deck.
Heavy load on board.
Width extensions fitted.

This model is of the Nooteboom 2+4 Euro-PX Low Loader which can be configured with or without the interdolly.

This version of the model is one of the Nooteboom Red Line series and is modelled in 1:32 scale.


The model comes in a Nooteboom branded box. 

The review model had no defects or missing pieces.

A leaflet describes the assembly of the model, but unusually fro a Nooteboom model there is no information about the real trailer.


The trailer consists of the deck and rear module, a 2-axle interdolly and the goosenck. 

The gooseneck has a spare wheel at the front, and the metal sideboards are plain.  Nice graphics around the edge include the Nooteboom name, and the controls and dials on one side are very good.

The interdolly also has nice graphics and edge stripes, and soft hoses connect to the gooseneck.

The main deck has a replica timber surface which could do with a little more texturing in the moulding.  Edge stripes are provided although they are partly obscured by folding cantilever brackets for the deck width extensions.  The rear module has nice texturing of bolt positions on top, and the graphics are very good although there is no number plate.

The underside of the deck has cast downstand supports which maintain the level of the deck at all times, but the compromise is that they drag if the model is rolled.

Separate marker boards can be added.  Metal deck posts can also be fitted and they fit very well. 

Timber deck width beams can be added.  They are moulded as full length beams to make them easy to fit, but they have no timber texturing at all so they look plastic which is a disappointment.


The rear module axles on the trailer steer proportionally, and the axles have fully sprung suspension. 

The interdolly axles have parallel steering and sprung suspension.

The trailer deck is extendible. 

The trailer can be configured with or without the interdolly.


This is a good quality trailer. 

The paintwork and graphics are very good.


The model is good value considering the size.


This large trailer is a welcome addition to models in 1:32 scale, and looks very impressive with a suitable tractor and load.


The model was announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2020 and became available in May 2021.

The parts in the box.
Controls and gauges.  
The trailer.
Rear steering.
Deck posts are very good.
Running empty.