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JCB 456 WasteMaster

Maker:  Motorart
Model No:  13366
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2008

Motorart Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)23
Features   (max 20)13
Quality   (max 25)18
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)70%


The JCB 456 Wastemaster.
The box.
Fine detail in and around the cab.
Opening engine cover. Nice light clusters at the rear.
Tipping, and with the grab opening.
The JCB 456 WasteMaster is a 22 tonne wheeled loader adapted for use in the waste management industry.  It has additional guarding to the belly and lights, and cleaning equipment to filter dust from the working environment.


The model comes in a branded box with a window, and inside the box it is held between two snap fit clear plastic formers.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

No instructions or information about the real machine is provided which is a pity, nor is there anything about the model.


Underneath there is some detail with the differentials being visible.  The tyres are very good with a detailed tread pattern and they are mounted on hubs which are highly detailed with tiny bolts being authentically reproduced.

The cab is good with very nice steps leading to it with a top quality diamond patterned surface on the top step.  Much of the cab structure is plastic although this does allow very thin grab rails and guard on the windscreen. T here is a windscreen wiper, mirrors and orange beacon lamp.

Inside the cab, the details are good.  Behind the cab the body is pleasantly detailed with a good exhaust pipe and air intake.  At the rear the driving lights are formed of nice plastic lenses.  At the front the steering cylinders and some of the shovel rams are yellow and unfortunately they are way off colour and look cheap.  With that said the rest of the shovel and linkages are metal and are good.


In terms of the wheels, the rear axle is floating and allows quite a range of movement for moving over a rough surface.  The steering mechanism can turn although not quite as much as the 40 of the original.

The engine compartment has opening covers on each side, and these are able to remain raised allowing inspection of the detailed engine inside.

The shovel raising mechanism is stiff enough to hold any pose and there is a working grab on the front of the shovel.


This is a nice model and it clearly identifies with the Motorarts 'Hi-Tech' line as a higher quality offering with details and casting being very good.


The model is reasonable value for money.


This is a pleasing model of a wheeled loader which is targeted at a sector which rarely enters the model arena, waste management.  Any collector interested in this type of model will be pleased with it and it is certainly recommended.


Very good tyres.
Rear view.
Detailed engine revealed inside.
Loading an East Dump Trailer.