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Caterpillar 795F AC Mining Truck

Maker:  Norscot
Model No:  55515
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2013

Norscot Index
Mining Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)77%


Caterpillar 795F AC Mining Truck Video
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Caterpillar branded box.
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Rubber tyres are not too shiny.
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Steering shown at the maximum angle.
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Nice detailing at the front.
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Generator and HV cables.
Metal cab.
Wear plates inside the body.
Tipping angle is good.
A Bucyrus 495HR fills the 795F.

The Caterpillar 795F AC Mining Truck has a nominal payload capacity of 313 tonnes and a gross operating weight of over 570 tonnes. 

The 795F AC has an electric drive.  The C175-16 diesel engine drives the rear-mounted generator and the generated electricity is converted to drive the traction motors and wheels.


The model comes in a large standard Caterpillar-branded box and it is fixed to the plastic base with tightly wound ties. 

The review model had no defects or missing parts.

The box has no information about the real machine, but some of the features of the model are described.


Underneath the truck the chassis is metal with many of the elements of the transmission modelled in plastic.  However the colour match of metal and plastic parts is good.  The engine is visible as is the generator.  The wheel hubs are plastic and detailed, and the big stiff rubber tyres are not too shiny.  Mud flaps are stiff plastic rather than rubber.

At the front the handrails are metal with a realistic thinness.  The stairs, ladders and front radiator grille are plastic but there is some good detailing of air horns, mirrors and lights.  The cab deck has a textured surface and inside the metal cab double seats can be seen and there are lifting eyes on the roof.  The radial grid on the right hand side is plastic and the chrome painted part does not quite look authentic.

Between the wheels the detailing is in plastic but it looks good and there are plenty of cables which improve the realism.  Two large plastic exhaust pipes lead to the side but they do not have holes in the pipes.  At the back the lights are detailed well.

The body has a heavy metal construction with much of the detailing and the structural ribs is made of plastic but the colour match between plastic and metal is very good.  There is good texturing inside the body and at the rear there is a pair of body retaining cables which are stored clipped on the underside of the body, and debris bars for the rear wheel pairs.


The front axle has a fairly shallow steering angle and the rear axle has working suspension with a range of movement.

The flap on the cab deck lifts to reveal the engine inside and there is enough stiffness for it to remain open.

The stair at the front can be raised and lowered in and out of service. 

The access gate at the top of the stair opens and closes.

The mirrors on either side can be folded in or out.

The body is raised by two stage cylinders and these are stiff enough to hold any pose.  The angle of tilt is very good. 

At the rear the body retaining cables can be lowered but there is no attachment point. 

The debris bars can be lowered.


This is a tough heavy model which is mainly metal but a number of parts are plastic, and these generally add detail.. 

The paintwork and graphics are fine, and the colour match of plastic parts is generally very good.


Although it is pricey, it is a big model for the money.


This is another impressive big mine truck from Norscot.  The AC drive elements are modelled well and it is good looking and highly recommended.


The model was announced in early 2013 and became available in the middle of the year. 

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Impressive, imposing model.
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Nice detailing at the rear.
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The steps can be lowered.
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Detailed chassis.
Profile view.
Opening flap gives access to the engine.  The chrome on the radial drive looks less realistic.
Loaded with rocks.
Being loaded by a LeTourneau L-1850.