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Scania 730 S  - Accessory Set

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  10192
Scale:  1:18
Review Date:  April 2021

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Scania 730 S  - Black V8 and Accessory Pack video.   [Youku Video]
NZG branded packaging.
Nice mesh on the bull bar.
Bull bar lowered.
Detailed edge trim.

This is an accessory pack for NZG's model of the Scania 730 S.


The model comes in an NZG branded blister pack styled package.  The parts can be removed without having to cut it open.

The review set had no missing parts or defects.  

No instructions are included although a simple sheet explaining that the front trim should not be fitted together with the bull bar would be helpful. 

The bull bar is screwed into place.  On the review model the screws were very tight initially.

Detail and Features

The bull bar has a nice mesh construction and there is space to add a number plate.   It is clipped in the up position and can be unclipped to fully fold it forward so the cab can be tilted.

The front and side edge trims are detailed with lights.

It is not recommended to fit the front edge trim together with the bull bar.  It can be done, but it prevents the bull bar from being lowered properly.

Quality and Price

The parts are mainly plastic.  They look very good fitted to the Scania.

They are moderate value.


This accessory kit provides interesting and great-looking alternative displays for the Scania 730 S and in some respects is a 'must have' kit for owners of the model.


The accessory kit was released at the end of 2020. 

Bull bar and edge trims fitted.
Smart appearance with the accessories fitted.
Front edge trim fitted.