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Scania 730 S  - Black V8

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  1019/51
Scale:  1:18
Review Date:  April 2021

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 27
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 22
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 86%


Scania 730 S  - Black V8 and Accessory Pack video.   [Youku Video]
NZG branded box.
High quality black finish.
Wheel chocks at the back.
Detailed chassis.
Nice walkway textures.
NZG number plate.
Cab tilt angle is impressive.  Detailed engine.
Opening doors.
Compared to a 1:50 scale model.

This model is a Scania 730 S 4x2 in a' Black V8' decoration.

It is in the unusual scale of 1:18.


The model comes in an NZG branded outer box, and inside the model is contained within large expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no missing parts or defects.  

A nice touch is that a pair of cotton gloves are supplied for handling the model.  Some parts are included which allow connection to a Lohr Vehicle  Transporter.

There is no information about the real Scania.


This is a very large and heavy model in 1/18 scale, with a high metal content.

It has a very detailed chassis, with the engine block and gearbox visible, and there hoses and cables which add detail.  The exhaust system and tanks are impressive and the drive shaft and rear suspension are impressive.  Wheel chocks and soft mud flaps are at the rear. 

The wheels look very good with different tyres front and rear, although there is no tyre branding in the sidewalls. 

The Scania cab looks great.  On the roof there is a see-through roof light, air horns and stiff wire aerials.  The grille at the front is finely reproduced and the lights are high quality, and there is a generic NZG number plate.  The door handles and mirrors are detailed.  The black V8 decoration makes for a super looking model.

Inside the cab the detail is very good and includes a detailed console and seat belts. 

Behind the cab the Scania name is embossed in the casting. There are coiled lines, and they clip or plug into holders for neat storage.  There are various high quality walkway surfaces.  The rear lights have plastic lenses and there are wheel chocks.  The wheel arches are plastic as on the real truck, and Scania is printed on the mud flaps.

Under the cab is a very detailed engine.


The Scania rolls smoothly in a straight line helped by its heavy weight.  The steering is also smooth and achieves a very good angle.   When steering, the steering wheel in the cab also turns a little.

The rear axle has a stiff working suspension.

The fifth wheel has a working latch.  The ends of the coiled lines are hung on hangers and can be detached.

The front of the cab has a section which can be raised up and posed in the open position.

The cab tilts to a good angle and it reveals the very detailed engine.

The cab doors open widely and have a spring mechanism to keep them tightly shut.

The arm rests of the seats can be raised up. 

The spoiler on the roof can be angled up, or closed.


NZG has produced a high quality model that is very heavy which, despite the large scale, is largely in metal.

The paintwork and graphics are excellent.


The model is good value given its large size and metal content.


This is another excellent model by NZG in 1:18 scale.  It looks great and is faithful to NZG's traditions of having a high metal content in their models.  It would also make a great display piece with a suitable trailer.


The model first appeared as a prototype at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2020 and was released at the end of 2020.
  An accessory kit consisting of a bull bar and edge trims was also produced.
Profile view.
Instruction sheet and parts bags.
Towering cab with the rear spoiler up.
Coiled lines clip on neatly.
Very good steering angle.
Opening front with detail underneath.
Spoiler up.
Detailed cab interior.
Bull bar is from an optional accessory pack.