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Liebherr HS 8130.1 Accessory Kit

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  10461
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2023

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Liebherr HS 8130.1 Accessory Kit video.
Liebherr box.
A transport configuration.
The slurry wall cutter as a load..
Exhaust system on the roof.
Detailed cutters..
Profile view.
Full profile view.

The Liebherr HS 8130.1 is a duty cycle crane which can be configured for foundation engineering work.

This accessory set includes a Liebherr LSC 8-18 Slurry Wall Cutter and the associated equipment that has to be fitted to the Liebherr HS 8130.1.


It comes in a Liebherr-branded box and the various parts are packed into two expanded polystyrene trays. 

There were no defects or missing parts on the review kit.

An instruction leaflet is included.  It is simplistic in places and assumes some knowledge by the collector.  Not all parts are covered by the instructions.


The kit includes two large drums, one for the energy chain and one for the cuttings discharge.  The drums are detailed in rigid plastic and have metal work platforms.  There is a diesel tank modelled underneath and drum motors are modelled on the inside.

The discharge hose and energy chain are made of soft rubber-like material and they rest realistically.  An additional drum is clipped inside the lower jib section.  A hydraulic oil cleaner is fitted to the jib butt.

Plastic guide frames clip to the jib.  The jib head is a special lattice metal part which includes large plastic guide wheels for the hoses, and metal pulleys for the crowd winch.

The LSC 8-18 cutter is an impressive part.  It has a metal turning device on the top, and the frame of the cutter is metal too.  The steering and guide plates are modelled and there are good looking mesh sections.  The cuttings discharge pump is modelled and hydraulic hoses run to it.

The cutters are modelled in detail with the separate cutting picks formed.


Some of the parts can be used as transport loads.

The drums can be rotated but they are not free-rolling which means that it is possible to tension the hoses to get a good appearance.

The internal drum on the jib has no brake so unwinds the rope too easily.

The turning device allows the cutter to be angled differently compared to the crane.

The cutter wheels rotate freely.


This is a high quality kit with most parts being made in metal.

The paint quality is very good.


It is relatively pricey.


This kit turns the base model into an impressive foundation engineering machine.  It combines very nice detailing with some appropriate functionality.


This kit was announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2023.

The tray.
Special jib head has support feet modelled.
Large drums are impressive.
The cutter.
Drums are rigid plastic.
Cutter can be turned to get the required angle.
Complex machine.
Detailed jib head.