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Rokbak RA40 Articulated Hauler

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  1047
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  December 2021

NZG Index
Earthworks Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 26
Features   (max 20) 14
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 12
Overall   (max 100) 80%


Rokbak RA40 Articulated Hauler Video.
Rokbak branded box.
Nice wheels.
Handrails are metal.
Bottom of the access stairs is foldable.
Big rubber mud flaps on the front of the body.
Being driven on to a low loader.
Excellent load for a truck.
Being loaded.
Fully loaded.

Rokbak is the new name for Terex Trucks and the RA40 is essentially what was the Terex TA400. 

Rokbak is owned by Volvo Construction Equipment.


The model comes in a Rokbak branded box and is wrapped in soft paper and rests in a polystyrene tray. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

There is no information about the model or the real machine.


The RA40 is a solid and heavy model.

Underneath, the axles are modelled with differentials and there is a plastic drive shaft.  The rubber tyres are excellent with an authentic tread pattern and they are mounted on very nice metal wheels.

On the engine cover the side grilles are properly formed.  The lights are painted and there is a Rokbak graphic.  The fuel filler pipe is modelled and there are nice yellow metal handrails. 

Detail around the cab is also very good with windscreen wipers, plastic grab rails and aerial.  The silvered mirrors are mounted on metal supports.  Inside, the controls and both an operator's seat and passenger seat are provided.

Behind the cab the exhaust system is very good and the window has a protection grille formed by graphics.  The articulation point is modelled well and there are many cables and hydraulic hoses to the body lift cylinders. 

The body is of heavy metal construction and the structure is represented very well.  There are two soft rubber mud flaps located at the front and the painted lights on the chassis at the rear have tiny protection grilles.


The rear axles have oscillating suspension to allow movement over rough terrain and the range of movement is good.

The articulated steering is stiff and it allows a movement to an angle of 45 which replicates the real machine.  It also allows reasonable rotational articulation.

The body tips well to a very good angle and the cylinders are very stiff which means that any angle of tipping can be posed. 

The access steps to the cab have a pivoting lower section.


This is a nice quality relatively heavy model with a high metal content.

The graphics and paintwork are very good too.


The model is good value when purchased direct from Rokbak.


This model is a very good quality articulated hauler.  It poses well as a transport load or with a suitable excavator.


This version of the model first appeared in December 2021.

Profile view.
Unusual colour scheme.
Transmission details.
Rear lights have tiny grilles.
Excellent tipping angle.
The chasis from above.
Nice combination.
A good model for dioramas.
Load tipped.