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Kaelble Truck and Scheuerle 6 axle Trailer

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  488
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2004

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Historic Haulage Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)22
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)79%


An impressive historic model.
The Kaelble truck has excellent detail.
Double cab, and spare wheel in the back.
Impressive old-style trailer.
Rear view, and more excellent detail.
It looks great hauling an appropriate load. The Weserhutte W180 is aboard.
This model is one of the NZG historic series and consists of a Kaelble KDV22 Z8T double cabined truck and a Scheuerle 6 axle trailer.


This combination model of tractor and trailer comes in a very long cardboard box with a sketch-type picture as with other models in the NZG historic models series.  Inside, the model is well packed in polystyrene boxes. 

The review models were undamaged.


Looking at the tractor first, the model immediately impresses.  Underneath it is well detailed with differentials, prop shafts and suspension components.  The exhaust pipes are tubes rather than the solid 'pipes' often found. This standard continues through to the wheel hubs which are metal and show wheel nuts and very good wheel arches are provided front and rear. 

The front of the model has a fine metal bumper with light details inserted for headlamps and indicators.  The bonnet has a marque fixed on the nose.  

The cab area is excellent with steps up to the cab, door and grab handles, door hinges, and very good door mirrors.  Windscreen wipers are perhaps the only omission.  Beacon lights are fixed to the cab roof together with a detailed spotlight aiming towards the rear.

The tractor bed contains a spare wheel and the slatted nature of the construction is modelled well.  At the rear, an excellent bumper is provided with lights and a towing hitch. 

Turning to the trailer, the detail matches the tractor unit.  Wheel hubs are metal with excellent mud guards and the individual axles have suspension details.  The tiny working pistons on the steering mechanisms front and rear have hydraulic hosing.  At the rear a beacon light is provided, rear lighting clusters are present and there are extremely small winding handles on the axles front and rear.  The flatbed itself is very good with surface and side details within the casting. 

Over the front and rear axle sets a clip in crossbar with hanging chain is provided upon which a crane jib or similar can be rested during transport.


The steering on the tractor unit is very good, and this is matched by the steering on the trailer.  Here all three axles front and rear steer in unison and the are connected to the towing bar at the front.  The mechanics of this are truly exceptional with ties that run the length of the trailer, as well as the interlinking amongst the two sets of triple axles.

Strangely for a combination set such as this, a pin was not provided to hitch the trailer to the tractor even though the model is able to be joined this way.


The paint and decals on this model are of the highest quality as is some of the fine casting involved.  As this is coupled with an excellent standard of detailing the overall look of the model is first class.


The model is very good value for the high standard offered.


An excellent model which looks very good with the appropriate piece of plant on the trailer.


The model has been produced in a variety of colours.

Towing hitch at the rear.
Good detail underneath.
Intricate linkages ensure all axles steer together - both front and back.
An excellent low loader plus load combination.