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Komatsu PC3000 Front Shovel - Celtic Energy

Maker:  NZG
Model No:  6131/01
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2012

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Mining Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)19
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)19
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)71%


Komatsu PC3000 Front Shovel - Celtic Energy Video
The large Komatsu branded box.
Narrow mining tracks.
Track frames have working rollers.
Sharp Celtic Energy graphics.
It is certainly strongly made.
Heavy construction.
Massive grilles.
Loaded with rocks.
Loading a Caterpillar 785D.
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The Komatsu PC3000 Front Shovel is usually used in mining and quarrying operations and has a shovel capacity of up to 16m.  It has an operating weight of around 250 tonnes and is typically matched with mining trucks in the range 75 - 150 tonnes.

This model is in the colours of Celtic Energy, a coal producer in South Wales which sells over one million tonnes of coal per year.


The model comes in a large Komatsu branded box containing two trays.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There is some information about the real machine on the box side, but nothing about the model.


The metal track pads have got a detailed pattern cast in and they are mounted on track frames which have working rollers on the top and bottom of the frames.  The undercarriage detailing is at a simple level.

The body is a very heavy metal casting with large distinctive grilles.  The hand rails and ladders are nearly all metal and very strong, although they look a bit fat for the scale.  There are a couple of lights under the cab, and the Celtic Energy graphics around the body are very sharp.  Up on top there are some textured walkway surfaces and the equipment boxes are relatively simple.

The large cab is metal, the windows are slightly tinted and there are mirrors and wipers.  Inside the controls and driving seat are modelled as well as a rear seat. 

The boom is made from a heavy metal casting.  There are hydraulic pipes cast in the top surface and rubber hydraulic lines connect to the body.  The hydraulic cylinder jackets are plastic and the colour match is reasonable.  The arm is fairly simple with some more rubber hoses on top.  The rivets used at connections are unobtrusive.

The shovel is all metal and a couple of lifting eyes are modelled.  The hydraulics for the bottom opening shovel are not modelled.


The tracks roll surprisingly well when moved by hand, and will roll on a rough surface.  They are tensioned with spring-loaded idlers.

The model rotates although the mechanism is stiff.

The access ladder can be folded down, and can be pinned in the 'up' position.

Movement of the boom and arm is very good and the cylinders are stiff enough to hold most poses. 

The shovel opens and closes, and relies on friction at the hinge point to hold any pose.


This is a very heavy solid-feeling model with little plastic. 

The paintwork and graphics are good.


This a larger model with a high metal content so the price is reasonable.


It looks good in Celtic Energy colours although the detail level is a little dated by modern standards.  It is recommended for collectors of mining equipment.


The model appeared in Summer 2012 in a limited run of 300 models.

Imposing at rest.
Profile view.
Access stairs lowered.
Height of reach is good.
Handrails are on the fat side for the scale.  The vertical ladder is plastic.
Reasonable cab details.
View underneath reveals simple detail.
Simpler detail on top.
Tough machines at work.